10 Year Anniversary Gift: 5 Emotional Ideas

best 10 year anniversary gift

What is a good 10 year anniversary gift? The best 10 year anniversary gift ideas speak directly to the relationship of two individuals. In stores cluttered with cheap China-made products, it has become difficult to find a valuable and meaningful gift for the 10th anniversary. Therefore, custom gifts are almost always preferable. They allow a couple to have an experience unique to both of them only. Flowers, chocolates and candies are good, but not unique enough.

Your gift for 10th year anniversary should bring the past and the future together. Not only will it emphasize this important milestone event in the life of a couple, but share optimism of the future together. After all, 10th year anniversary is just as much a celebration of love for each other and everything built together over the years, as it is a promise to continue building love and future together in the years to come.

I hope this article will provide you with some useful ideas for your own 10 year anniversary gift. In case you do not find what you are looking for, I encourage you to explore gift ideas in the articles 10th year anniversary gift for wife40th Anniversary Gift for Parents, and the Golden Gift for Parents’ 50th Anniversary.

10 Year Anniversary Gift: 5 emotional ideas

Remember! A 10 year anniversary gift needs to be personalized. It should encompass 10 years of togetherness and shed a promise for continued happiness in love. After 10 years of being together, a couple has gone through multiple stages of the growth of their relationship. They have likely been through ups and downs, sometimes feeling ecstatic about being with each other, sometimes feeling fed up with each other. As they continue their relationship at the 10 year anniversary mark, however, love remains the common denominator of their relationship.

There are many names for 10th anniversary. While some sites list gifts for him or her separately, we believe in togetherness!

TOP PICK #1. A custom portrait painting to celebrate love for a lifetime

My top pick is a portrait painting and any other hand-made painting. This personalized 10th year anniversary gift is not just unique. It evokes positive feelings about the relationship to date, and offers a promise of tomorrow.

A beautiful portrait painting captures love and commitment to each other. This intimate gift for 10th anniversary will surely make a couple feel loved, cared for and appreciated.

best 10 year anniversary gift ideas

Among my most favorite 10 year anniversary gift ideas is a custom portrait painting. Not only will it evoke positive feelings about the relationship to date, but it offers a promise of tomorrow, together. The couple above celebrated their 10th anniversary, and desired to have their portrait done in a heart-shape.

It is vastly important to plan ahead to meet the deadlines. We have prepared some important tips for you:

  • Find a reliable and good artist. A good artist will be able to capture personalities of both partners on canvas. We are happy to serve with our expertise in portrait paintings, please contact us for more information.
  • Decide on the medium. As a 10 year anniversary gift, a portrait can be completed in various painting media. Premium oil and acrylic yield the most elegant and intimate results. Pastel and pencil can make wonderful gifts to admire every day.
  • Allow at least 4 weeks for the painting. While oil takes about 8 weeks to complete, other media are typically shorter. However, you do not want to rush the process. We guarantee high quality of the work.
  • Have some photos ready. We can complete a portrait painting from the photo. If you send us a couple of pictures (either the current ones or from the beginning of the relationship), we will be able to present you with a design for your approval.

Our portrait artists have mastered unique skills in portrait painting and drawing. If you have decided to give portrait as a 10 year anniversary gift, Contact us. Our artists will be honored to create such a meaningful gift!

best 10 year anniversary gift ideas

Among 10 year anniversary gift ideas, a portrait painting is our top pick. It can be complete in a medium of your choice. Premium oil and acrylic yield the most elegant and intimate results. Pastel and pencil can make wonderful gifts to admire every day.


#2. A scuba diving course with a trip to the Caribbean

As a 10 year anniversary gift, a scuba diving course with a trip to the Caribbean will allow a couple to have a unique experience only for them. Not only does this gift allow a couple to further strengthen their relationship by doing an exciting activity together, but it fosters quality time with each other. As a couple begins scuba diving lessons together, they will begin to form another layer of a strong bond.

This 10th year anniversary gift idea will hit the jackpot.Once in the Caribbean, a couple can dine by candlelight at a world-class restaurant, relax with a spa experience or cruise beneath a sparkling fireworks-filled sky. What is a better way to celebrate 10th year anniversary?

best gift for 10 year anniversary

As a 10 year anniversary gift, scuba diving provides an unparalleled level of intimacy with quality time.


#3. Chocolate massage for two

This gift idea for 10th year anniversary comes from one of our patrons, who recently commissioned a gift for his boss. (He was promoted shortly after the gift was given. 🙂 )

While quite unusual, a chocolate massage for 2 may be a remarkable gift for the 10th anniversary. It affords a unique level of intimacy between the partners while allowing some quality time together. Even though the concept of a chocolate massage may sound like an indulgence, its hydrating properties for skin are truly remarkable. The cocoa butter soothes and hydrates while the aromatherapy component is enough to make your sense delighted.

best 10th year anniversary gift

As a 10 year anniversary gift, a chocolate massage for two may be a great way to celebrate. It is a right pick for those who would like to be close to their partner on the day.


#4. A romantic dinner

A romantic dinner for the 10 year anniversary? That’s a dream of every couple. Instead of another evening at home, rushing from cooking to cleaning, why not to organize a very special dinner as a 10 year anniversary gift?

You can organize a dinner in a variety of ways, as an event out of town or in a cozy and fun restaurant. For instance, if you are in LA, you may set up a table at the Griffith Observatory to look at the city skyline. Or, if you are in New York, why not to make a special arrangement in Central Park? 

best 10th year anniversary gift ideas

Among the myriad of 10 year anniversary gift ideas, a romantic dinner is one of our favorite picks. Get creative!

#5. A luxury dinnerware collection

Have they been together for 10 years, but haven’t afforded a luxury dinnerware collection to invite guests over? This 10 year anniversary gift may fit right in! As you decide on the dinnerware collection, I would strongly suggest following the rule of thumb: purchase only high quality and tasteful pieces. There are many Chinese products for the mass market. However, you would like your 10 year anniversary gift to be unique and special. Why not get something made in the USA? Or, any other country known for high quality china sets, such as Poland?

A luxury dinnerware collection will fill the gaps of the past (a lack of proper dinnerware). A couple will now be able to begin hosting events at their own place, be it Thanksgiving or July 4th dinner.

best 10 year anniverary gift idea

With dinnerware as a 10 year anniversary gift, you may expect the couple to begin inviting you for important celebrations such as Independence Day or Thanksgiving.


Did you know?

Did you know that you may request wishes as a 10 year anniversary gift? In the UK, for example, Her Majesty the Queen writes dedicated anniversary messages to certain couples. Typically those who reach their 60th wedding anniversary. However, here in the United States, you may also request anniversary message from the White House.


The Best 10 Year Anniversary Gift

I will be boring but I still believe that the best 10 year anniversary gift is a custom portrait painting. With its character and endurance, it will transcend time. This delightful gift for the 10th anniversary will touch the hearts and souls.

I will be honored to prepare a painting for your parents. Feel free to Contact us and be sure that your gift idea will transform into a beautiful portrait as a 10 year anniversary gift.


Do you have some other suggestions for our list? Write it down in the comment section! Make sure we have not forgotten about any unique 10 year anniversary gift ideas!



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