10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife

Expert List of Ideas 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Wife

You are searching for some ideas for 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife.

  • Earrings? – zero creativity.
  • Ring? – another one?
  • New laptop? – she does not need it.
  • New car? – nice try but not this time.

Let’s start from the beginning. You have an amazing wife – the most beautiful, charming and lovely woman in the world… Together you have formed remarkably many meaningful memories filled with love and happiness. Your 10th Wedding Anniversary is coming soon. This is the day when you want to show how much you love her and how grateful you are to have her in your life. So, how do you show your love on the 10th Wedding Anniversary?

One of the best ways to express those feelings is to give your wife an elegant and unique gift which says more than a thousand words. Because this day is so special, the gift needs to be special. This gift should remind her of all the wonderful moments you have shared, just like it reminds her of a loving relationship you two have.  Forget about flowers, chocolate or even jewelry. Those would be relevant for a common occasion.

But what exactly does it mean?  How do you go about selecting the right gift for your wife? We realize this is not an easy question. Therefore, we have decided to help you. You do not need worry anymore. This post helps you explore the best Wedding Anniversary gift ideas.

Our experts have prepared a list of 4 Perfect Ideas for the 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife. This handpicked list of gift ideas will surely allow you to surprise and satisfy your loved one with the special gift that she has always dreamed about. In evaluation, our experts have been driven by the following 4 criteria: elegance, creativity, personalization and WOW-factor.

4 Perfect Ideas for the 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife

  1. A romantic day – only both of you: A-

A day off with someone you love… The dream of every woman in the world! Instead of another day in the office, housework and constant rush, you can take her for a romantic day. This is your choice how to organize this day. You can organize to spend a day romantically outside the city, have an amazing time in a SPA or on an active day of climbing. Everything depends on what she likes most, along with what you two prefer doing together. Remember about a few rules:

  • NO mobile devices – this day, you will turn off your cellphones, laptops, tablets or whatever you use every day. Those devices will not be useful on the day. As a result, the day will belong to both of you, without any unnecessary calls, mails or massages.
  • Romantic dinner – even during this special day you need to eat… in a romantic way. This is a great opportunity to surprise your wife in the moment when she does not expect anything more after a wonderful day filled with attractions and events. A dinner with glass of her favorite wine… The best way to relax and talk about the amazing years you have spent together during your relationship.
  • Some memories from your wedding – this is your 10th Wedding Anniversary so it is obvious that you two should celebrate that important day of your life! When did you watch your wedding movie or photos last time? Well, it must of been a long time ago. Hence, prepare your album, video or other important mementos reminding you and her of your wedding day. You can also make a special presentation or short video including pictures and movies showing her as the most beautiful woman in a white dress and you as the happiest man in the world. She would not expect it, for sure!
Delicious food and her favorite wine... This is always a good idea for Wedding Anniversary.

Delicious food and her favorite wine… This is always a good idea for the Wedding Anniversary.

Expert evaluation
Elegance: 6/10
Creativity: 9/10
Personalization: 9/10
WOW-factor: 9/10
Overall: 8/10

  1. Make her dream come true: A

Do you have a dream? Of course, everybody has it! And everyone dreams to make it a reality. That is why it is an excellent 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Your Wife – it shows how much you care about her and how much do you want to make her happy. And the best part is… you can do it together! Another alternative to the usual gift which has been given for another anniversary, birthday, Christmas…

Has she always dreamed about parachute jump? Great! It is possible to organize! Did she dream of going to an exotic island in the middle of nowhere? You can go there this time and spend an awesome vacation… It will be the moment which will be remembered until the end of life as the most amazing, crazy and unexpected adventure. What are you waiting for? This day is too special to not be crazy! We do not need to remind – this is your Wedding Anniversary gift so memories from this day are more than necessary.

Expert evaluation
Elegance: 5/10
Creativity: 10/10
Personalization: 9/10
WOW-factor: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

  1. Go for a trip: B

Hands up if you like to travel. Yes, we also love that! How long has it been since your last vacation together? If your wife is a travel enthusiast as well, you have your perfect Wedding Anniversary gift idea! You can chose the place you want – it can be a village out of the city with fresh air and amazing views around or the best touristic resort in Spain. Everything depends on you: your preferences, budget, vacation and another important aspects. Did you have some unexpected expenses last time and you are not sure if it fits your pocket? Here you have some solutions for this problem:

  • Cheap flight tickets – (this point is addressed to you if you are going for a distance trip) today we have a wide range of flights – from the most exclusive and elegant till modest and cheap. There is a possibility to buy flight ticket even for few $! Fake? Not this time. Octopus travel is quite famous now, you can read on the blogs how you can find the best offer to buy your tickets. If you have not decided about the destination yet, it is even better because you will have easier decision when you will find a good flight offer. And of course, you have an excellent chance of surprise your wife!
  • Cheap accommodation – there is no need to book 5* hotel, even for this unique occasion. Because of Internet power, you have a lot of good and cheap accommodation options. Do you think this combination is not possible? This could not be more incorrect! One of the easiest way to get it is use popular low-cost accommodation websites, e.g. Airbnb or booking.com.
  • Hitchhiking – have you ever tried it? No? This is the right time to consider it. Such an option has many advantages. It is free. It is spontaneous. And, it allows you to experience an unusual adventure together. Plus for the fact of surprising your wife!

Expert evaluation
Elegance: 5/10
Creativity: 8/10
Personalization: 7/10
WOW-factor: 9/10
Overall: 7/10

  1. Painted portrait: A+
The portrait of bride in a wedding dress - one of the best 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife. Do you like it?

The portrait of bride in a wedding dress – one of the best 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife. Do you like it?

Who does not love art? Relaxing, intriguing and fascinating… This is an amazing way to express your feelings to your wife and reach her artistic soul! Women love art. Therefore, a painted portrait is an excellent choice for your 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife. What will be painted is up to you – you choose the photo. Because it is your Wedding Anniversary, maybe it is good idea to think about some photo from your wedding day? You both, as the happiest couple in the world immortalized by the elegant, unique and romantic painted portrait…

You need to remember that this gift requires some days to be prepared. Hence, you should start organizing it with enough time before an anniversary. In the last post  5 Stunning Christmas Gifts for Her, we have prepared a few recommendations on how to select the ideal portrait painted from photo. If you have decided to choose this gift idea, we suggest that you should become acquainted with them.

Do you want to captivate and surprise your wife? There is nothing more original than personalized, elegant and high-quality painted portrait which will remind her about your love anytime she will look at it in your living room. Sounds promising, right?

Here are some other examples of painted portraits which could be an inspiration for 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife.

One of the Premium Oil Portraits from photo. Do you think your wife will appreciate it as a gift for 10th Wedding Anniversary?

One of the Premium Oil Portraits from photo. Do you think your wife will appreciate it as a gift for 10th Wedding Anniversary?

Acrylic portrait could be also a great idea for your 10th Wedding Anniversary gift. This painting is awesome, don't you think?

Acrylic portrait could be also a great idea for your 10th Wedding Anniversary gift. This painting is awesome, don’t you think?

Expert evaluation:
Elegance: 10/10
Creativity: 10/10
Personalization: 10/10
WOW-factor: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Summarized 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife

Our top gift idea for 10th Wedding Anniversary is definitely painted portrait. It has the best mark in every of our evaluation criteria. What is more, it will constitute both an excellent gift for your wife and great reminder of the wonderful years of your marriage. We know how much joy and happiness our paintings bring to our patrons. Give it a thought, and feel free to reach out in the section Contact Us.

Gift Evaluation
A romantic day A-
Make her dream come true A
Go for a trip B
Painted portrait   A+

Do you have another excellent ideas for 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife? Write your proposal in a comment and help us create a perfect list of unique gifts!


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