5 Stunning Christmas Gifts for Her

5 Stunning Christmas Gifts for Her

What are some nice Christmas Gifts for Her?

  • Perfumes? – Boring.
  • Money? – Zero creativity.
  • Kindle? – Unimaginative.
  • Kitchenaid mixer? – Is it a gift for her, or you?
  • BlueRay with some kitschy comedies? – No, no, and again: NO!

Christmas is in three weeks. There is still time to make sure that your loved ones receive the most beautiful gifts for Christmas and New Year’s. Gift shopping, however, can be tricky and tiresome. “What would be the best gift,” we oftentimes ask ourselves aimlessly searching through the alleys of Targets, Wallmarts or Toys ‘r’ Us.

As you go on a Christmas shopping in the next three weeks, please remember that Christmas gifts are about the inner meaning of the gift, and not the object itself. I personally love presents that represent the intimate relationship between me and the other person. The present is not nearly as relevant to me as its embodiment of deep, meaningful and shared connection.

In the past weeks, I have received a lot of emails inquiring how to show love through gifts for wives, moms, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, godmothers and … in-laws this holiday season! I would like to remind that we should show love and care to the women of our lives on a daily basis. Yet, especially on holidays like Christmas or New Year’s, we need to come forward with your thankfulness and gratitude even more conspicuously. In order to communicate our genuine love, we need to endeavor to give meaningful, thoughtful and stunning gifts to our women.

Our experts have prepared a list of 5 Stunning Christmas Gifts for Her. These hand-picked suggestions have been confirmed to make remarkable and memorable gifts. In their evaluation, our experts have been driven by the following 4 criteria: elegance, creativity, personalization and WOW-factor.

I hope you will be able to pick some Christmas Gifts for Her from our list.

5 Christmas Gifts for Her

1. Watch: B-

A watch could be a wonderful idea as one of the Christmas Gifts for Her. Jewelers have a large selection of high-quality and luxurious watches, which can be personalized through monograms. The jewelry specialist will be able to assist you with their expertise in choosing the right watch for your wife, mom, sister, aunt, or daughter. Even if your beloved woman loves classic and timeless elegance, watches are usually far from the imaginative gift. Be more creative, give something unique and stylish.

Expert evaluation:
Elegance: 8/10
Creativity: 4/10
Personalization: 3/10
WOW-factor: 7/10
Overall: 6/10

2. Painted Portrait: A+

One of the most stunning gifts is a painted portrait from photo. A hand-painted portrait is an original and personalized present. It will remind any loved woman of your appreciation and care for many years that follow. A painted portrait is a creative mémoire of the meaningful connection, experiences and memories between you.

In this holiday season, our patrons have commissioned several beautiful portraits completed in various techniques, e.g. acrylic, watercolor, and pencil. Our most favorite one is a portrait entitled “My Violin Beauty” in a premium oil technique.

Stunning Painted Portrait from Photo

Our top picks this year are premium oil portraits. Do you think she will like our commissioned painting entitled “My Violin Beauty” as a gift this Christmas?


If this is a Christmas Gift for Her that you would like, we have prepared a few recommendations how to select the ideal portrait painted from photo:

  • Do not leave the commission of the portrait for a day before Christmas – preparation of the painting is not as straightforward and simple as going to Target. Remember that an artist needs some time to hand paint your commissioned portrait. Paintings are not a cheap mass product coming straight from a production line in China. The painting has a soul, and the human effort can be noticed with a naked eye
  • Find a professional artist – on the internet, you will easily be able to find hundreds of commercials advertising commissioned paintings. However, it is extremely difficult to find fine art painters among so many artists. To elegantly design a portrait and realistically represent the person with her or his personality, you will need to find high-end artists who work with Noble Portrait.
  • Seek specialist advice – if you are not familiar with paintings or materials used in the process, or you do not have any idea for the motive and concept of the art work, a piece of professional advice can be invaluable
  • Select the most appropriate painting technique – portrait from photo, pencil sketch, oil painting on canvas, more realistic, colorful pop-art, or maybe something more abstract? – You would benefit from a professional advice here, too. The most valuable suggestion would be to align the portrait to the relationship with your loved one. Our premium oil paintings are high-end gifts, but the final result will enchant every woman.

Elegance: 10/10
Creativity: 10/10
Personalization: 10/10
WOW-factor: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

If you would like to commission a portrait for Christmas Gift for Her, please Contact Us.

3. Jewelry: B-


Jewelry is an ideal gift for any occasion, including Christmas. The masterpiece of art jewelry is to adorn and add more charm. Jewelry can be practical; original pins, brooches, which pin material or help cover/mask a bit too much cleavage are some of its practical uses. Jewelry can be also religious; there are various amulets or talismans known around the world.

However, the main purpose of jewelry is to decorate and beautify. You should focus on that main purpose as you select jewelry for your loved ones.

It is said that good gifts should be practical. However, more often than not it appears that utilitarian gifts are boring gifts that do not appeal to the receiver of the gift.

Elegance: 10/10
Creativity: 3/10
Personalization: 4/10
WOW-factor: 8/10
Overall: 6/10

4. Monogrammed anything: B+

These days, you will be able to monogram basically anything. It will be up to you to figure out what your loved woman desires and make Christmas Gift for Her monogrammed. Some ideas from our readers include smart phone cases, bathtub caddy, stoneware, pillows, and cocktail glasses. If it’s something you know she likes, she will love it 100 times more with her name or initials on it. The forethought counts, right?

Monogrammed Christmas Gift

Monogrammed gifts are always in season. Extra points for personalized character. Deducted points for lack of creativity.

Elegance: 6/10
Creativity: 7/10
Personalization: 8/10
WOW-factor: 8/10
Overall: 7/10

5. Photo calendar: A-

Photo calendar is a wonderful original gift with a highly personalized touch. You may select the pictures that are meaningful in this Christmas Gift for Her. You may make a calendar yourself, or use one of the businesses to order such a calendar. Quick, easy and personal, but it not very elegant, and short term.

Creativity: 9/10
Personalization: 10/10
WOW-factor: 9/10
Overall: 8/10

Summarized Christmas Gifts for Her

Our top pick for Christmas Gifts for Her is painted portraits. This artistic expression is not only quite a remarkable piece of art, but a wonderful gift for many years. Premium oil, pencil or charcoal paintings hanging on your walls will be a reminder of wonderful memories in 30 years and beyond. It is one of the most exclusive and original gift ideas for your loved ones. We know how much joy and happiness our paintings bring to our patrons. Give it a thought, and feel free to reach out in the section Contact Us.

Gift Evaluation
Watch B-
Painted Portrait A+
Jewelry B-
Monogrammed Anything B+
Photo Calendar A-

What Christmas Gifts for her will you be getting this year?

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