The Golden 50th Anniversary Gift for Parents

golden 50th anniversary gift for parents

Continuing the series of the wedding anniversary gifts for parents, I would like to provide you with useful ideas for the Golden 50th Anniversary Gift for Parents. You may already be familiar with my previous guides on the gifts for parents’ 30th wedding anniversary40th anniversary gifts for parents, and Gifts for a Boss.

At their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, your parents lived together longer than they had lived separately. What is a good 50th anniversary gift for parents to reflect their longstanding commitment to each other? My top picks will be focused on personalized and traditional gift ideas for parents’ 50th anniversary.


The Best 50th Anniversary Gift for Parents: 6 Creative Ideas

What are some creative 50th anniversary gifts for parents? Should I go for personalized 50th anniversary gifts for parents? You have a lot of options. You may as well go to Macy’s to get something quasi-personalized. In the end, the choice is yours.

One thing is certain: your parents have ingeniously remained married with love (always) and harmony (sometimes) for a good chunk of the previous 50 years. In my conversations with such tenured couples (as well as their kids), I have found that the 50th anniversary gift for parents should be: a) timeless, b) personalized, c) traditional, and d) reflective of the nature of the relationship. I do hope that what follows will provide you with some useful ideas for the Golden 50th Anniversary Gift for Parents.

If you do have some time before the day of their celebration, I would highly encourage you to start thinking and actually preparing the gift now. My recommendation is that the gift not only truly reflects the beautiful relationship your parents have formed for the past 50 years, but transcends time and place so it can remain a vivid memory even when family photos fade. Welcome to the Guide of the Golden 50th Anniversary Gift for Parents.


TOP PICK ? #1. A custom portrait painting to honor 50 years of your parents now and forever

My most favorite pick is a custom portrait painting. This 50th anniversary gift for parents is in the most unique position to not just transcend time, but make an emotional gift for your parents. Not only does a custom portrait painting capture 50 years of your parents’ marriage, but it serves as a reminder of their love and passion for the generations to come.

As a gift idea for parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, a custom portrait will always evoke positive feelings. It will make your mom and dad feel special. It will allow them to look back in time at what they have built over the years.

This intimate gift for parents’ 50th anniversary will surely make them feel special, surrounded by love, care and appreciation.

best 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

What is the best 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents? A pastel portrait painting would be an intimate and timeless choice, which we know tenured couples love. If you have the picture of your parents from the early days of their relationship, the portrait would make an even more special gift.

If you would like to invest in a portrait painting as a 50th wedding anniversary gift for your parents, I have prepared a few pieces of useful advice (take it or leave it):

  • Find a reliable and good artist. It is vastly important to find a solid artist who will be able to capture personalities of both parents on canvas. I am happy to serve with our expertise in portrait paintings, please contact us for more information.
  • Decide on the medium. To make the 50th anniversary gift for parents special, I encourage you to think about completing a portrait in a medium that your parents will love. Premium oil and acrylic yield the most elegant and intimate results. Pastel and pencil can make wonderful gifts to admire every day.
  • Allow at least 4 weeks for the painting. Please do remember that premium oil takes about 8 weeks to complete (drying time is quite long for the best effects). However, other media such as pencil or acrylic are much shorter. I can guarantee a hairloom quality of our work, but we need to follow practices of a reliable and good artist 🙂
  • Have some photos ready. We can complete a portrait painting from the photo. If you send us a couple of pictures of your parents (either the current ones or from the beginning of their marriage), we will be able to deliver the most personalized 50th anniversary gift for parents.

Our portrait artists have mastered unique skills in portrait painting and drawing. If you have decided to give portrait as the 50th anniversary gift for parents, Contact us. Our artists will be beyond honored to create such a meaningful souvenir.

best gift for parents 50th wedding anniversary

At their 50th wedding anniversary, your parents lived together longer than apart. A pencil portrait would be an elegant and classy gift for parents’ 50th anniversary. In addition to pencil, you may consider oil, acrylic or pastel.

#2. An antique phonograph to immerse in the music of the 60s

Your parents likely look upon phonographs with fondness. After all, they spent most of their childhoods and early years of the marriage listening to the music coming out from the vinyl discs. They laughed to it. They danced to it. (Do you remember watching Dirty Dancing? Swing was a big thing in the 60s when your parents got married.) They cried to it. In many ways, phonographs shaped their music tastes and flavors, which last for lifetime.

An antique phonograph from the 50s or 60s would make a good traditional 50th anniversary gift for parents. I do encourage you to spend some time shopping around and visiting local antique stores. Antique phonographs have much better sound quality that the newly released phonographs. While both do the job, antique phonographs do a much superior job. Plus, they will remind your parents about their youth.

great 50th anniversary gift ideas for parents

Do your parents like music? An antique phonograph is a great 50th wedding anniversary great idea for your parents. Image courtesy of Pixabay.


#3. The Beatles hand-signed record that made a worldwide sensation 50 years ago

It is hard to believe, but the Beatles began to become a worldwide sensation in the late 60s, just when your parents got married. Do either of your parents have a special liking towards the Beatles?

If so, you may consider getting a hand-signed music album of the Beatles as a gift for your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. They are quite difficult to catch these days, but those autographed albums sometimes appear available for an auction on eBay. Do you want to bring your parents back to their most favorite rock band of their youth?


great gift ideas for parents 50th wedding anniversary

Just to give some more great gift ideas for parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. A vinyl record with the Beatles album might be a great addition to the antique phonograph. Image courtesy of Pixabay.


#4. A classic car to re-experience the joyousness of their youth

This 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents might be a little bit controversial. Your parents got married in the 1960’s, right? My #4 gift idea for parents’ 50th anniversary is renting a classic car from the 60’s!

1963 LeSabre, 1969 Coronet, 1967 Bonneville are just some of the great cars of the 60s. I can guarantee that your parents, and especially your dad, will love to drive (or be driven) in a classic car of their early marriage.

Make it extra special for your parents’ 50th anniversary gift by renting a car that they drove on the wedding day 50 years ago. Rest assured that your parents will appreciate a nice weekend trip in this classic car.

You may also consider an even more wonderful surprise: purchase a classic car from the 60’s as a 50th anniversary gift for parents. This would require a little bit more planning, but your parents may get emotional upon seeing a car that they drove in their youth.

#5. A family vacation to rekindle family bonds

In the 60s, people spent a lot of time together. Going on a vacation was a real thing. Therefore, as another gift idea for parents’ 50th anniversary, I suggest a weekend at a SPA resort (or in the wilderness). You can go both ways with this:

  1. After 50 years of married life, your parents may enjoy some quiet and peaceful time together in a a resort.
  2. You could make it a nice family weekend down the memory lane. You and your parents may spend meaningful time together. If you have any siblings, don’t forget about them.
best personalized 50th wedding anniversary gift for my parents

Another personalized gift idea for parents’ 50th anniversary is to rent or buy an antique car. Your parents will love re-experiencing their youth. Image courtesy of Pixabay.

#6. A photo collage to capture the memories of 50 years

One of my picks for parents’ wedding anniversaries has consistently been a photo collage. It simply is an affordable 50th anniversary gift for parents. Photos can capture some of the most important experiences of your parents. Whenever your parents look back at them, they smile, even at their 50th wedding anniversary.

Therefore, a framed photo collage is a unique 50th anniversary gift for parents. I do encourage you to do through some of the family albums and make photocopies of the most meaningful and memorable moments of your parents shared life. It will make the gift extra special.

Since there is a wide range of collages to choose from, you will find something matching your parents’ liking. It will also serve as a nice decoration for their house.


The Best 50th Anniversary Gift for Parents

I will be boring but I still believe that the best 50th anniversary gift for parents is a custom portrait painting. With its character and endurance, it will transcend time. This delightful gift for the 50th anniversary will touch the hearts and souls of your parents.

I will be honored to prepare a painting for your parents. Feel free to Contact us and be sure that your gift idea will transform into a beautiful portrait for your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.


Do you have some other suggestions for our list? Write it down in the comment section! Make sure we have not forgotten about any unique 50th anniversary gifts for parents!


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