Our Art Crafts

We  work using various painting  methods

Through our art crafts, we would like to take the opportunity to showcase some of the techniques we use in painting custom portraits.

Our fine techniques allow us to create even finer hand-painted portraits. We are very proud of your appreciative comments about NoblePortrait.com and our art.


Our art crafts includes the following techniques: 

Oil paintings

Oil is a very expensive painting technique, but it allows for flexibility in selecting a plethora of hues, obtaining mat and gloss effects, procuring translucency and penetration of colors, and creating complex textures and impasto. Oil paintings are characterized by high durability. Additionally,  artists from NoblePortrait.com use noble linens, which heighten the effect and durability of artworks. Oil paints have a very long drying time. Therefore, creation of a complex painting may take  thirty days. If you would like to learn more about oil technique, please refer to our article “What you should know about Oil Paintings.”

Acrylic paintings

Acrylic paintings are an alternative to oil paintings. They are also much more convenient than watercolor. Compared to oil technique, though, acrylic paints provide less flexibility for adding any desired texture. They do however  make it possible to apply multiple other treatments ranging from color penetration to various spatial effects.

Pastel drawings

This involves blurring and rubbing pigments of colorful pigment sticks, without the use of liquid painting materials. While working with a side of each crayon, artists from NoblePortrait.com are able to achieve a broad streak, which is either then abraded or repeatedly  built up to give the effect of natural shading. While working with  the tip of each crayon, they are able to obtain thin lines and delicate traces, befitting a drawing. Impressionists contributed to the popularization of pastel technique in the 18th century. It was used mainly in portraiture.

Graphite (pencil) drawings

This drawing technique utilizes one of the oldest media, namely charcoal. The technique which is most commonly used is one where the projection of many details is not necessary. NoblePortrait.com artists use this  method to create large portraits and still  lives  which remain affordably priced. Pencil technique requires hours of shading and plotting.


Watercolor technique involves painting with pigments diluted in water on  porous paper, which quickly absorbs the water. Diluted pigments do not fully cover the texture of the paper. Instead, they leave it clearly visible. The difficulty of watercolor painting is rooted in the fact that it’s not oftentimes known how the paint is going to spread on the paper. Paper absorbs watercolors, water-based paints, which causes  it to crease. Additionally, the pigments of watercolor paints very quickly evaporate. Fine artists of NoblePortrait.com do not normally use this technique given its significant drawbacks. We only  use watercolor technique occasionally, as an addition to some other techniques, for instance pencil portraits.

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