Christmas Gifts for Wife: 6 Ideas to Stun Your Sweetheart

best Christmas Gifts for Wife

What are some good Christmas gifts for wife? As Christmas imminently approaches, we hear this question again and again. Unfortunately, men often make the mistake of believing women think just like them. Therefore, Christmas gifts for wives are often a missed opportunity to make our better halves genuinely appreciated and happy.

We relate to the difficulty. Selecting an appropriate Christmas gift for a wife can be challenging. You are busy with work and house decoration. In addition, you are lost in the aisles of stores cluttered with cheap Chinese products. Without a doubt, it has become progressively harder to find special Christmas gifts for wives. 

Christmas gifts for wife: Do’s and Don’ts

Custom Christmas gifts are almost always preferable for wives. Gifts with that personal touch are always very special. They are truly for a wife, emphasizing your intimate relationship with her. With a custom Christmas gift, you intuitively signal your commitment to and understand of her.

Express gratitude and thankfulness. While we should show love and care to our wives on a daily basis throughout the year, the routine sometimes gets in the way. In order to communicate our genuine love, we recommend gifts with meaning, thought and value. By the way, vale does not mean you need to pay through the roof. Sometimes, putting a bit of your heart will give an unparalleled value to your gift.

Avoid practical gifts for the home. While it may be tempting to get something practical, like a food processor or sponges for dish washing, we do strongly encourage you to still get a Christmas gift for your wife, and not your home. After all, would you like to receive a set of dinnerware for Christmas?

Mass market products are a no-go. This is for a couple of reasons. First, there is no value in mass market products. They fall short of “custom,” which is what we know is the best solution. Second, they are not special at all. You want to give a beautiful unique Christmas gift to your wife. You don’t want your wife to receive what thousands of other wives receive for Christmas.

The Ultimate Guide to Best Christmas Gifts for Wife

We invite you to explore the Ultimate Guide to the Best Christmas Gifts Wife.

TOP PICK NO. #1: A portrait painting to celebrate the beauty of your wife

A portrait painting undeniably is the most wonderful Christmas gift for your wife. Not only is a portrait painting personalized, but it aesthetically expresses your feelings towards her. With such a personal touch, your wife will be delighted this Christmas and beyond.

You may decide to commission a portrait painting of just your wife. However, we do believe that a portrait painting of you and your wife is going to win her heart. This gift will remind your wife of your love and appreciation for many years to follow. A portrait painting is a creative exemplification of the meaningful connection, experiences and memories between the two of you.

Portrait paintings are stunning, elegant and professional.

best christmas gift ideas for wife in 2017

A custom portrait painting is the best Christmas gift idea for wife in 2017. While a portrait of you and her will be delightful, we also encourage you to think about her passions. A wife of our patron was a violinist. He commissioned a beautiful portrait in premium oil for her last Christmas.

Among many good Christmas gifts for wife, we do encourage you to consider a portrait painting as your top choice. It is vastly important to plan ahead to meet the deadlines. We have prepared some important tips for you:

  • Think about the theme of a portrait painting. As a Christmas gift for your wife, the best portrait painting will include you and her. She would love to have the very memory of you two immortalized for decades. Alternatively, if you decide on an individual portrait painting of her, what is she passionate about? Does she love playing an instrument? We could paint her in that setting. Is she into the culture of the Far East? We could add some themes of the Far East culture on a painting. Possibilities are endless.
  • Decide on the medium. Since this is a Christmas gift for your wife, we do strongly suggest premium oil and premium acrylic. They yield the most elegant results, but take around 8 weeks to complete. Black pastel and regular oil take a little less time and yield very good results. Acrylic, pastel, pencil and dry brush can be done within 1-2 weeks.
  • Allow at least 4 weeks for the painting. Please do remember that premium oil takes about 8-10 weeks to complete (drying time is quite long for the best effects). However, other media such as pencil or acrylic are much shorter. If you are thinking of Christmas gifts for wife, and want to order a portrait painting, get in touch with an artist as soon as possible.
  • Find a reliable and good artist. It is vastly important to find a good artist. A good artist will be able to capture the personality of your wife on canvas. In addition, a good artist will use high quality materials, ensuring that you receive a heirloom quality gift for wife. We are happy to serve with our expertise in paintings. Please contact us for more information. We will be back in touch within 24 hours.
best christmas gift ideas for wife

Christmas gifts for wife are a wonderful opportunity to communicate your love and understanding. Gifts with that personal touch are always very special. They are truly for a wife, emphasizing your intimate relationship with her.


#2. UGG Winter Boots or other piece of clothing for her style

If you have not figured this out, women love clothes. Your wife’s closet is probably filled with dresses, skirts, and.. shoes. She wants to be à la mode, so it probably is natural to have so many items of clothing.

Among a multitude of Christmas gifts for wife, UGG Winter Boots tend to be some of the most popular picks. Over the past 2 winter seasons, we have seen progressively more wives requesting and enjoying those specific boots.

In the winter, it is fairly difficult to stay warm and remain fashionable. Whether she goes to an important business meeting or to a family dinner with her in-laws, your wife wants to look good and be warm. UGG winter boots kill two birds with one stone.

Before making a purchase, make sure you are getting a right size.

great christmas gifts for wife 2017

UGG winter boots have been progressively more popular each year. They are fashionable and warm. Women love them!


#3. Music Show or Theatre

Even if your wife says she does not want anything for Christmas, she likely says it out of modesty. She loves you and she does not want you to go through the hassle of getting anything special.

89% of women enjoy art. Assuming that your wife is no different, you may surprise her with a delightful invitation to a music show or theatre play. She will surely appreciate a meaningful evening, during which you and her can continue building a bond.

Among Christmas gifts for wife, an invitation to a music show or theatre is not just personalized but valuable. After all, you and her will be able to spend time together. What else would she like more? 🙂

Remember that there are some special Christmas shows between Christmas and New Years. If you get a chance to secure one of these, you will be able to keep the magical spirit of Christmas during your outing.

best christmas gifts for wives

An invitation for a music concert or theatre play are wonderful Christmas gift ideas for wife. She will surely appreciate a meaningful evening, during which you and her can continue building a bond.


#4. Dance class

Has your wife ever mentioned her passion for dance? Does she enjoy evenings with you and your friends? One of our most favorite Christmas gifts for wife is a dance class. Your wife will love it.

best christmas gifts for a wife

Two bodies close together in a passionate embrace? A dance class may be a right Christmas gift pick for your wife and you.

Would you like to do a fun activity together with your wife? Go to a dance class together. Your wife will appreciate the thoughtfulness and meaning of your Christmas gift for her. Not only will it strengthen your relationship, but you will amaze your friends or colleagues next time you get a chance to dance in public.


#5. Coyote Fur Coat

While some may claim it to be controversial, a coyote fur coat is one of the most sophisticated Christmas gifts for wife. This gift is reserved only for men who want their wives to feel and be very special.

A coyote fur coat is the epitome of prestige and fashion. It is reserved only for classy women who have been traditionally wearing such coats.

In addition, fur coats are very warm for freezing cold winter days. Instead of wearing multiple layers, your wife can wear just one stylish tunike. Unlike fur coats, faux fur coats do not protect from cold well.

best christmas gifts for wife who wants nothing

A fur coat has been traditionally a gift for sophisticated women. Fur coats are a sign of independence, confidence and prestige.


#6. Lime Green Lamborghini

Have you seen Charlie’s Angels? Men tend to forget that some women also like fast cars and dangerous driving. While this is the priciest in our Ultimate Guide for the Best Christmas Gifts for Wife, a lime green Lamborghini will make the most wonderful gift for your wife.

She will be able to confidently drive to work in a Lamborghini, with everyone on the streets looking who’s driving that beauty.

If your budget does not permit a lime green Lamborghini, you may consider getting a Lamborghini miniature toy to wipe the tears off her face.

great christmas gifts for wife who has everything

Men tend to forget that some women also like fast cars and dangerous driving. This might be among the best Christmas gifts for wife in 2017.


The Best Christmas Gifts for Wife

Of all Christmas gifts outline above, a custom portrait painting will be the best pick. With its character and endurance, it will transcend time. It will be among the most delightful Christmas Gifts for wife.

I will be honored to prepare a painting for your wife. Feel free to Contact us and be sure that your gift idea will transform into a beautiful portrait as a 10 year anniversary gift.

Do you have some other suggestions for our list? Write it down in the comment section! Make sure we have not forgotten about any unique Christmas gift ideas for wife!


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