Christmas Gifts for Husband

best Christmas gifts for husband

With the holiday season imminently approaching, it is time to begin thinking about Christmas gifts for husband. When choosing those gifts, women often make the mistake of believing men think just like them. Therefore, Christmas gifts for husbands turn out to be a missed opportunity to make men feel genuinely appreciated and recognized. While selecting appropriate gifts can be challenging, we hope to make it easier this year.

We understand (and appreciate!) that you are swamped with work, cooking and decorating the house. In addition, finding things in stores is not easy these days. The aisles seem to be cluttered with cheap Chinese products. Without a doubt, it has become progressively more difficult to find special Christmas gifts for husband.

best christmas gift husband

The holiday season is quickly approaching. As you think about Christmas gifts for your beloved husband, remember about the love and appreciation he has for you.

What Makes Good Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband

We will provide you with examples of great Christmas gifts for husband. However, we would first like to cover what makes great Christmas gift ideas for husband great. Stay with us!

Boost the ego of your husband. He is the man of success. He wants to be in charge and he has it in his genes. He is a fighter and a guard of his family. A Christmas gift that boosts the ego of your husband will hit the jackpot. The gift should emphasize what an essential and important part of your relationship he is. He will feel acknowledged and appreciated. You can’t ask for more.

Embrace practical gifts that he will use. While it may be tempting to get something practical for the home, like a new mower or sponges for dish washing, we do strongly encourage you to get a practical Christmas gift for your husband, and not your home. Think about his man cave. What does he typically have there? Some tools to play with? Or maybe some accessories for his motorcycle?

Custom Christmas gifts are almost always preferable for husbands. You want your husband to be confidently distinct from other men. After all, he earned your heart over many other men. Therefore, custom Christmas gifts will allow your husband to feel special and distinct. Those gifts will make him feel proud and good.

Express gratitude and thankfulness. While you should show love and care to your husband on a daily basis throughout the year, the routine sometimes gets in the way. In order to communicate your genuine love, we recommend gifts with meaning, thought and value.

Mass market products are a no-go. This is for a couple of reasons. First, there is no value in mass market products. They fall short of “custom,” which is what we know is the best solution. Second, they are not special at all. You want to give a unique Christmas gift to your husband. You don’t want your husband to receive what thousands of other men receive for Christmas.

Avoid home décor. Simply because. It will do no good. Seriously.


The Ultimate Guide to Best Christmas Gifts for Husband

We invite you to explore the Ultimate Guide to the Best Christmas Gifts for Husband.

TOP PICK NO. #1: Your (semi) nude oil painting to open up his imagination

While this may sound like a controversial Christmas gift idea for a husband, our patrons have been successfully commissioning artful nude oil paintings. In their words, a nude oil painting is “the most memorable and impressive gift for a husband.”

As a Christmas gift for husband, a nude oil painting needs to be sensual and elegant. It is a brave work of art, which will solidify your connection.

Such a gift requires that you and your husband have a very close and intimate connection.

Nude oil paintings are an aesthetically pleasing piece of art. Your intimate connection will be further strengthened. Your husband will be more than excited about it.

We specialize in tasteful and sensual nude oil paintings. We want our 100% hand-made art to fill hearts of our patrons with joy, happiness and fulfillment. We want a nude oil painting to remind your husband of your connection, love and appreciation for many years to follow.

Nude oil paintings are stunning, elegant and professional. You may view our gallery of nude portrait paintings for further inspiration.

best christmas gifts for husband in 2017

A 100% hand-painted oil piece is an investment your husband will appreciate beyond Christmas. Many of our patrons have tremendously enjoyed oil paintings as Christmas gift ideas for their husbands.

TOP PICK NO. #2: A portrait painting of your husband

A portrait painting is the second most frequently selected Christmas gift idea for husbands. Your husband is a man of success (he married you, after all!). He works hard as he wants to provide for you and your family. He has been by your side for a long time since you first met.

An elegant portrait painting will make your husband feel respected, acknowledged and appreciated. His confidence, self-esteem and ego will be elevated. He will feel like he is an important part of the relationship with you and your family.

A portrait painting of you and your husband will win his heart. It will remind him of your unconditional love and appreciation for many years to follow. You may also decide to commission a portrait of just your husband. It may be a wonderful idea for attorneys, judges, politicians, businessmen and sportsmen.

A portrait painting is a creative exemplification of the meaningful connection, experiences and memories between the two of you. Among Christmas gifts for husband, this should be your pick.

great Christmas gift ideas for husband 2017

Your husband is a fighter and a guard of his family. A Christmas gift that boosts the ego of your husband will hit the jackpot. The gift should emphasize what an essential and important part of your relationship he is

It is vastly important to plan ahead to meet the deadlines. We have prepared some important tips for you:

  • Think about the theme of a portrait painting. As a Christmas gift for your husband, the best portrait painting will include you and him. He wants to have the two of you immortalized for hundreds of years. Alternatively, if you decide on an individual portrait painting of him, think about his job or his passions? We can craft the painting accordingly. Possibilities are endless.
  • Decide on the medium. Since this is a Christmas gift for your husband, we do strongly suggest premium oil and premium acrylic. They yield the most elegant results, but take around 8 weeks to complete. Black pastel and regular oil take a little less time and yield very good results. Acrylic, pastel, pencil and dry brush can be done within 1-2 weeks.
  • Allow at least 4 weeks for the painting. Please do remember that premium oil takes about 8-10 weeks to complete (drying time is quite long for the best effects). However, other media such as pencil or acrylic are much shorter. If you are thinking of Christmas gifts for husband, and want to order a portrait painting, get in touch with an artist as soon as possible.
  • Find a reliable and good artist. It is vastly important to find a good artist. A good artist will be able to capture the personality of your husband on canvas. In addition, a good artist will use high quality materials, ensuring that you receive a heirloom quality gift for husband. We are happy to serve with our expertise in paintings. Please contact us for more information. We will be back in touch within 24 hours.
best christmas gift husband usa

A portrait painting is the best Christmas gift idea for your husband. The themes are endless. If your husband wears a uniform, he will be forever grateful for the beautiful painting of his, honoring his service for the country.

#3. Cigar & Cognac

Everyone is familiar with a movie image of a gentleman dressed up in a tuxedo sipping a single malt alongside enjoying a truly great cigar. As a matter of fact, scotch and cigar by a fireplace are  a dream of many successful men in today’s America.

This decadent image has been presented on a big screen over and over since the 50s. Why not to let your husband have a little bit of luxury? A proper combination of scotch & cigar will make great Christmas gifts for husband this year.

best christmas gifts for husband uk

This decadent image has been presented on a big screen over and over since the 50s. Why not to bring it to your home as a Christmas gift for your husband this year?

Cuban cigars are crème de la crème in the cigar industry. The country has grown tobacco for 100 years. With its perfect climate and tradition for growing and fermenting tobacco leafs, there is no better place to get cigars from. However, purchasing cigars from Cuba is still technically illegal in the US. Therefore, you may want to get a little bit more creative. Dominican Republic and Nicaragua are two other countries known for excellent cigars.

When you are choosing a cigar as a Christmas gift for your husband, here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Construction and Appearance: when you pay per single cigar, you can be as picky as you want. There should be no soft spots, tears and holes on a cigar. The band should be impressive.
  • Draw: While you may not be able to try beforehand, effortless draw is necessary with volumes of thick and white smoke on every puff.
  • Flavor: while this is subjective, the flavors need to be complex, luxurious and refined.
best christmas gifts for husband who wants nothing

If you’d like to make the best Christmas gift for husband, think about the best combination of cognac and cigar. With its long ageing process, Baron Otard XO is considered to be a top notch alcohol your husband will surely enjoy.


#4. Leather jacket for men

Among other Christmas gifts for husband, a leather jacket checks many boxes of what makes a good gift for him. It emphasizes his unique personality, differentiating him from other men. A leather jacket is also very practical, comfortable and durable. He will wear it whenever. With the right high quality pick, a jacket can last a lifetime,

As you are selecting a right jacket, remember about four important things. First, choose the right style. There typically are 5 to 6 styles to choose from. Second, choose appropriate skin. You want to check quality and durability of the materials. We advise against Chinese leather jackets, as those are likely to fall apart within a year. Third, find what fits your husband well. Fourth, pay attention to the finish and check the quality of the linings.

best christmas gifts for husband who has everything

A leather jacket, as a Christmas gift for a husband, will truly emphasize his unique personality.

#5. A bar

For the gentleman who enjoys entertaining, a properly stocked bar is a must. A well-mixed drink can help schmooze a boss, impress a friend, and inspire his in-laws.

A home bar will be a unique Christmas gift for your husband. Home bars can take up very little space, but can hold quite a bit of alcohol and glassware. You may decide between two types of home bars: indoor and outdoor. If your husband enjoys hosting outdoor events for you and your friends, an outdoor home bar might be in order. If you live in a more seasonal area, with long snowy or rainy months, an indoor home bar might be a better choice.

best christmas gift ideas for husband

For the gentleman who enjoys entertaining, a properly stocked bar is a must. You can bring it to him as a Christmas gift in 2017.

#6. A grill

Juicy steaks? Tender rib eyes? Or, delicious lamb ribs? The grilling ritual belongs to your husband. He enjoys lighting the fire, grilling the meats, and eating with his family.

Many men like being king of the grill. It is fairly easy, they can enjoy a beer at the same time, and it requires minimal effort. Best of all, he can take all of the glory.

If you are thinking of a grill as a Christmas gift for your husband, your options seem endless. Infrared grills are good at searing meat, providing uniform heat and cutting down on flare-ups. However, grills with standard burners cook the same. There are no major differences.

best christmas gift ideas for husband in 2017

Juicy steaks? Tender rib eyes? Or, delicious lamb ribs? The grilling ritual belongs to your husband.


The Best Christmas Gifts for Husband

Of all Christmas gifts for husband outline above, a custom portrait painting will be the best pick. With its character and endurance, it will transcend time. It will be among the most delightful Christmas Gifts for husband.

I will be honored to prepare a painting for your wife. Feel free to Contact us and be sure that your gift idea will transform into a beautiful portrait as a 10 year anniversary gift.

Do you have some other suggestions for our list? Write it down in the comment section! Make sure we have not forgotten about any unique Christmas gift ideas for husband!


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