Corporate Gifts: 5 Ideas to Win Your Clients

best corporate gifts

Corporate gifts should receive more attention today than ever before. An appropriate corporate gift may help not just establish, but improve and strengthen important relationships that bring business to you and your company.

A good and unique product or service, which your company offers, is no longer sufficient. To attract new and keep existing clients happy, you need to think creatively and thoughtfully about your business partners.

Corporate Gifts Keep Clients Engaged and Appreciated

Good corporate gifts will help you make your clients feel valued and appreciated. Not only will they keep their business with you, but they will promote you to others through word of mouth.

Remember! The corporate gift you give to your clients will provide them with some critical information about you and your company. First, your clients will learn whether you think about them outside of work. And second, they will learn how you think about them (e.g. whether you see them only as cash cows or people you enjoy working with). In other words, your corporate gift will tell your clients a lot about you and your company.

How to Win a Client with Corporate Gifts?

Originality is the key in selecting corporate gifts your clients will remember, appreciate and reciprocate.

If your corporate gift idea is something ubiquitous like chocolate, cupcakes or flowers, your corporate partners will likely forget about it in no time.  Why not show some creativity to let your partners know how much you appreciate and respect them? Why not go an extra mile to get a special corporate gift for the CEO of a company you work with?

personalized corporate gift for ceo

Originality and value are the key in selecting corporate gifts your clients will remember, appreciate and reciprocate.

Companies that are most successful with clients tend to give thoughtful and memorable gifts. Meanwhile, companies that give uncreative gifts (or did not give them at all) miss out on the opportunity to form meaningful connections.

The Best Corporate Gifts

As you think about corporate gift ideas for clients, we encourage you to carefully consider who you are giving a gift to. A corporate gift for CEO along with a gift for President or Vice-President will be different from a corporate gift for an analyst who performs day-to-day activities.

In general, corporate gifts are very different from Gifts for Bosses, Gift ideas for parents’ 30th anniversary40th anniversary and 50th anniversary. For this reason, we have prepared a comprehensive guide through corporate gift ideas, which our patrons have found most successful.


TOP PICK 🏆 #1. A custom portrait painting to impress your corporate partners

This corporate gift idea works miracles for existing partnerships. As a matter of fact, it will solidify your business relationship. When your corporate client receives his or her own custom portrait painting, they will feel valued, recognized and acknowledged by you and your company.. Your client will rave about it for months, if not years.

Patrons who commissioned portrait paintings as corporate gift came from different walks of corporate world, from real estate to investment banking to international law firms.

A custom portrait painting is an ideal corporate gift for CEOs, presidents, vice-presidents and other members of senior management.  Luxurious portraits in premium oil will make impressive and unique gifts.

Custom portrait paintings in acrylic, pastel, pencil and dry brush are very suitable for employees holding lower level roles in your client’s organization.

corporate gift for client

One of our patrons commissioned a portrait for CEO as a corporate gift. His company was very successful in forging and continuing a business relationship.

If you would like to invest in a custom painting as a corporate gift, we have prepared a few pieces of useful advice (take it or leave it):

  • Decide on the medium based on the seniority of the gift receiver. Business gifts for CEOs, Vice-Presidents and other members of Senior Management need to be extra special. Premium oil, premium acrylic and black pastel, which yield the most elegant results, should take priority. Standard oil, acrylic, pastelpencil or dry brush will make fine gifts for lower level employees.
  • Think about the theme of a custom painting. We have found that the most impactful paintings are portrait paintings. They are personal, making your corporate partners feel extra special. However, our patrons have also commissioned paintings based on the preferences of their corporate clients. For instance, landscapes, wildlife, motorcycles and cars. Possibilities are endless.
  • Allow at least 4 weeks for the painting. Please do remember that premium oil takes about 8-10 weeks to complete (drying time is quite long for the best effects). However, other media such as pencil or acrylic are much shorter. We can guarantee a hairloom quality of our work, but we need to follow practices of a reliable and good artist
  • Find a reliable and good artist. It is vastly important to find a solid artist who will be able to capture what your boss loves on canvas. We are happy to serve with our expertise in paintings. Please contact us for more information. We will be back in touch within 24 hours.
best corporate gift for client

Premium oil, premium acrylic and black pastel are the most appropriate for senior management of your corporate partner.


Pick #2. Home-made sweets or desserts for meaningful personal touch

In order to win a client, your corporate gift should have a personal touch. While there is a tendency to purchase “corporate baskets,” there is nothing better than home-made sweets or desserts.

In February, when one of our patrons was getting a painting for the 10th anniversary for his wife, he proudly (and fondly) told us about a pecan delicacy he had received as a corporate gift for Christmas. While nothing special in and by itself, a home-made pecan delicacy delivered in a nice container hit the jackpot. Corporate gifts with personal touch like this have an immense impact on the relationship with clients.

home-made cookies corporate gifts

There is nothing better than home-made cookies. As a corporate gift for a client, they have so much personal touch. This will be fondly remembered for a long time.


Pick #3. A set of toiletries, cologne and perfumes to bring some fresh air of creativity

This unusual corporate gift idea came from the experience of another patron of ours. He received a custom (yet quite versatile) set of toiletries. It included a hand soap bar, cologne, shaving gel, lip balm, shampoo and a few other items. The version for women was slightly adjusted.

People talked about this business gift for a long time. Why? First, it was extremely practical. Everyone needs a hand soap bar, shampoo or lip balm. Second, it was out of the box. After all, who gives a set of toiletries as a corporate gift for Christmas, or any other occasion? 🙂

However, you may want to be cautious about a set of toiletries as corporate gifts. First, toiletries may be a hit or miss in terms of people’s tastes. Therefore, try to make it as customized as possible (in terms of fragrances, brands and others).

toiletries corporate gifts

A set of toiletries is one of the unusual corporate gifts. It’s a great idea if you can fit into tastes of the receiving party.

Picks #4 & #5. Chocolates, Flowers & Alcohol, the old good stuff

The remaining picks include what is commonly known as corporate boxes such as chocolates, flowers and/or alcohol. They will be a nice touch. However, they probably are not going to have a significant impact on your business relationship with a client.

Unfortunately, those “check-the-box” corporate gifts may get lost among 5 other sets of chocolates, flowers or alcohol that your client receives, or your client may not like alcohol or chocolate.

wine as corporate gifts

Alcohol, chocolate and flowers are “safe” gifts. They are not going to change the dynamics of the business relationship, but they are a nice touch.


Some of the images in this article are a courtesy of Pixabay.

Do you have some other suggestions for our list? Write it down in the comment section! Make sure we have not forgotten about any unique corporate gifts for clients!


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