Custom paintings

Custom paintings can create an ideal home décor. Ever since the 15th century European Renaissance, hand-painted portraits have been epitome of luxury, elegance and taste. We are a group of fine portrait artists, and each of us specializes in a specific type of paintings, for instance: portraits, nudes, reproductions, landscapes, still nature and abstract paintings. Among us, you will find famous American and European painters with a vast experience, art collectors and youthful artists displaying great talent and passion. Painting on demand is frequently a unique gift for a relative or a family memento. American art market continuously develops, hence an interesting oil or acrylic painting may be a wise investment in the future. If you do not have a lot of financial resources, you will find something special for yourself – you can choose from paintings completed in pastel, pencil, oil-pastel or drybrush.


How to commission a painting ?

Paintings can be commissioned via our contact form. If you have any additional questions, and you have not found an answer on our website, please do not hesitate to give us a call at  . Painting size, painting technique and painting style are all of your choice. Our oil and acrylic portraits are painted on high-quality natural canvases made of cotton and linen. We can also complete your painting on glass or wooden board. Our pastel and pencil paintings are done on a special paper, which is soaked specifically not to yellow after the years. We will create a painting exactly as you want it. We highly suggest additional special visual effect on custom portraits. Please feel free to send the description of your wishes and sample images via contact form. You may also upload the images in a Cloud, for instance Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and others. Delivery time is at a minimum of 8 days. Creating a perfect oil painting in a premium style, along with some visual effects such as 3D structure or HD effect, may take as many as 50 days. Irrespective of the painting technique, each custom portrait on demand features incredibly high quality, durability and unparalleled artistic value.


What custom paintings do we create on demand ?

  • landscapes
  • flowers
  • stillnature
  • Animals
  • portraits
  • abstractions
  • reproductions of famous paintings

We paint luxurious reproductions of famous paintings in premium oil, which allows us to reach a similarity ratio of at least 95%. Only the finest artists in America and Europe can obtain such unparalleled similarity with the original. Painting a reproduction is slightly easier than painting a custom portrait from photo, but it still is very difficult.

However, you will not find cheap reproductions of famous paintings, oftentimes advertised as “oil” paintings. As a matter of fact, a vast majority of these cheap reproductions are oil-prints manufactured on a mass scale in China. In spite of reassurances, they do not have much to do with truly hand-painted oil paintings. Unfortunately, you will find a lot of such pseudo-oil paintings on the internet and in the furniture stores. We do not offer those.

Commissioning process

  1. You send us a description of your idea and expectations of a painting, along with pictures here.
  2. We present you with a design of a painting for your approval.
  3. When a painting is 95% complete, we will present you with its picture for your approval. At this stage, you will still be able to make some small corrections.
  4. We will present you with a picture of your complete painting, and send it to the address provided by you.

Delivery of your custom painting

We typically use United States Postal Services to send packages with custom painting. If you care about time, we can mail your painting via mailing carrier. Each painting is carefully wrapped. We work in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia and New Zealand. At your request, we will send your painting to the other parts of the world. There is a possibility to pick up your painting in person in select cities in the United States.

Pricing of custom paintings

We assume that you know your expectations best. Therefore, we let you price our skills. You will suggest the price. The final price will be contingent upon painting technique, painting class, complexity of a painting, painting size and visual effects. You will learn all about these things by looking through our Gallery. If you have subscribed to our page (the bottom of the main page), you will get updates regarding future promotions (no spam).

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