Custom Portrait

A hand-painted custom portrait from photo is one of the most intimate, beautiful and touching gifts that you can give to your relative.

We paint to make you happy.

If you are looking for the most exceptional:

  • Face similarity ratio
  • Quality of artwork
  • Durability
  • Impressive visual  effects
  • Style

We will be happy to serve you. In some versions of our portraits, we guarantee a face similarity ratio to be at least 95%, which is not likely to be achieved by other artists. We paint the most beautiful custom portraits from photo. Our custom portraits connect the highest similarity of the face with artistic aesthetics.

Custom Portrait’s style

The appearance and style of your custom portrait will be created based on your needs and expectations. We do paint in a multitude of styles, which include for instance realistic, abstract, pop-art, expressionist, and more. Realism is by far the most popular among our patrons. We are not surprised to observe this, since we live in the times of all-too-common digitalization and HD photography.

If you are seeking high-end quality and the most beautiful effects, we would encourage you to consider the following:

  • Premium oil portraits
  • Black pastel portraits

If you would like a more modest gift for your loved ones, we also have other suggestions for you: hand-drawn custom portraits in pencil and pastel.

Photography for custom portrait

Photos for your custom portrait should be clear with many visible facial features. Our portraits are marked with high precision, but in order to obtain the most impressive effect, we need to be able to discern characteristic wrinkles and other anatomical features. Custom portraits commissioned in other styles, for instance pop-art or abstract, do not require such high quality photography.

Our finest portrait artists are able to re-create realistic faces from very old pictures, for instance student IDs. It is important however that faces on the pictures are big. Do not worry about each frame. Our portrait artists will present you with a custom design for your portrait.

Pricing of custom portrait

Skills, expertise and quality of materials determine the quality of your custom portrait. If you expect a 100% hand-created portrait of highest quality, you should not expect it to be cheap. To give you an example, we have posted a portrait of a competing artist and a portrait from Both portraits were drawn from the same photo. The portrait of a competing artist cost $160.

History of Custom Portrait

History of portraiture shows that for decades, portraits have been reserved only for rulers and affluent society. Today, portraits are oftentimes associated with caricatures or sketches drawn by street artists. We remain committed to tradition. We paint custom portraits, pieces of art, which captivate our wonderful patrons throughout Europe and the United States.

Enter the world of portraits, get to know us better.

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