Custom Portraits

Hand painted custom portraits

Custom portraits are not all about external appearance. Portraits are about the personality, gesture and experiences.

A custom portrait is a human soul and gesture painted on canvas. With  twenty-five years of experience, we have mastered the challenge of capturing personality  in custom portraits.

Your custom portrait will be painted from photos. You may select various techniques to have your portrait completed in. The top picks of our patrons have been the following:

Additionally, we have a selection of categories of what we typically paint:

A painted reflection of a human being is not just about external appearance. In fact, a portrait is about this special internal beauty that each and every one of us carries. Therefore, our custom paintings go well beyond what is visible  to the naked eye. Our paint brush precisely encapsulates a sketch of personality, idiosyncratic gestures and elements of the psyche of a portrait subject.

We are a community of fine portrait artists. Over the years, we have developed and enhanced our skills and experiences in portrait painting, learning creativeness from the depths of the human soul.

Why should you commission your custom portraits at

100% satisfaction from your custom portrait is our goal. If the similarity of the face on a portrait is unsatisfactory, you do not have to accept it. We are the only group of artists in the United States with such an approach. Painting makes us happy. We paint to make you happy. Truly.

Punctuality is our main strength. Will your custom portrait serve as a gift for a celebration or anniversary? If so, you definitely want to have it completed on time. In order to deliver your commissioned custom portraits, we work  twenty-four hours,  seven days a week to live up to your expectations.

Custom oil paintings

With years of experience in painting custom portraits, we have developed traditional techniques to ensure a face similarity ratio at the level of 95%.

The Similarity ratio of the face will be at least 95%. Nobody else in the United States can even come close to such a level of detail and precision. In order to create realistic portraits, fine artists need a tremendous amount of experience, ambition, talent and … time. Without a doubt, capturing a face on canvas is the most challenging aspect  of painting and drawing.

Quality is a by-product of a  twenty-five-year experience in development of our skills in painting and drawing. Oils, resins, acrylics, siccative and fixative are only some of the materials used to paint custom portraits. You can be sure that your painting will never bleach or change color. Similarly, the paint will not crack or fall off, which is what we oftentimes hear from patrons commissioning their custom portraits with other “artists.” Our premium quality portraits  are painted with  natural oils and resins only, which gives our paintings the highest quality and durability.

The Precision with which custom portraits are completed depends on skills, expertise and time, which a portrait artist  dedicates  to a painting. We always devote our time, talent and expertise to work on paintings, thus further enhancing our crafts. To give you an example, we spend more than  two days sketching a pencil portrait.  This is to ensure that all facial features and personality are captured on paper.

Price is a factor that drives most choices in our consumer-oriented world. We do not paint to make   large amounts of money. In fact, we are proud to offer high-end quality for a price that is  less than you would normally pay. Such  pricing is possible only because we work arduously for multiple hours each day. The most rewarding gift for us is to see  the euphoric laughter of our patrons, which luckily happens quite a lot.


How do I commission my custom portrait?

Custom portraits can be commissioned via telephone Noble Portrait Phone Number Contact Usor online.  Sizes, painting techniques and the number of subjects on a portrait are truly of your choosing. We will craft your painting according to your needs and expectations. We highly encourage you to consider special effects in your custom portrait.

You may submit your photos with the online form, or upload it to google drive, dropbox, onedrive or any other cloud-based platform.

Completion time varies, and depends on painting technique. The average completion time is 10-16  days. Express completion on average takes 9 days. Oil paintings in premium quality, or with some special effects, such as 3D structure or HD effect (extremely precise details) may take up to 30 days, depending on complexity and size of a painting.


Process of ordering custom portraits

Commissioning your custom portrait is a straightforward process, and it involves a few fundamental steps:

  1. Send us high resolution photos along with a detailed description of how you would like your custom portrait done.
    1. Do you want to alter the background?
    2. Do you want to make any corrections on the face?
    3. Would you like to put individuals from separate photos together?
    4. Would you like a composition that is different from the one on the photo?
  2. We will prepare a few designs for you to consider. After consultation with and approval from you, we will begin painting your custom portrait.
  3. When the painting is 95% complete, we will send you its photograph. At this stage, you will still be able to request some minor changes on a portrait.
  4. We send you photographs of your completed custom painting, and mail your portrait to the address that you have provided us with.


Custom portraits on high quality canvas

Your custom portrait will be painted on a high quality canvas.

Painting techniques and custom portraits

Regardless of the painting technique, each custom portrait commissioned at Noble Portrait features high quality, durability and artistic value. Your custom painting may be delivered on a high quality canvas stretched on a pine painting loom (stretcher).
Paintings can be divided into the following separate groups, taking into account the painting techniques:

  • Premium oil on canvas:  Oil portraits provide astonishing visual effects. Therefore, if you would like a custom portrait of high-end quality, we would strongly encourage you to consider oil portraits.
  • Acrylic on canvas: Acrylic portraits have a pretty quick drying time, which limits the visual effects that can be obtained by a fine artist. However,  the short drying time of acrylic paints versus oil paints allows us to deliver an acrylic custom portrait in just a few days. The cost of such an acrylic custom portrait is a little less than an oil painting.
  • Pastel: The quickest technique is used in pastel portraits which allows us to create a portrait on  special Canson paper  in just a few days for  a price that anyone can afford.
  • Graphite (pencil and charcoal): also completed on Canson paper, pencil portraits require a considerable amount of  exacting work, for each shade on the face needs to be done with intricate care and precision.
  • Digital are done on a computer, which can be printed on  the surface of your choice.


We deliver custom portraits that are realistic, abstract or idealized (beautifying, giving a desired appearance and traits).

As far as the featured head portraits go, there are a few types of custom portraits:

  • an image of the head
  • bust
  • torso
  • knee-length portrait
  • whole-person portrait (e.g. contrapposto)
  • lying-person portrait
  • sitting-person portrai
  • equestrian portrait
  • nude act

Paintings can be also categorized by the number of portrait subjects: one-person, two-people, and multiple people. By celebration: wedding custom portraits, family custom portraits, historical custom portraits.

Photo to Painting: photos required for your order

We specialize in transforming photo to painting. This is why we ask you to please submit photos of high resolution and high quality.  The face of a portrait subject should be well-lit, and  the photograph should display the entire head with hair.

The more pictures we receive, the better. Those pictures will allow us to make a suitable composition  for a painting since we paint while looking at several photos. High quality photos are a key element for an artist to paint facial features with great care and precision. Sometimes, an insignificant detail may change the reception of a portrait.

Custom portrait in oil

In order to prepare your custom portrait, we will need several high resolution photos. However, your portrait does not have to be a 100% copy of the photo. We can make appropriate changes in a painting according to your needs and expectations.

However your custom portrait does not have to be an 100% copy of your photo. Very often, we paint abstract custom portraits or nude acts. In those cases, the face is the only faithful and truthful reflection of a portrait subject. Sometimes, we idealize  the external appearance of a subject by correcting the nose, smile, ears, hair, etc.

We would like you to remember that our skills and experience allow us to paint anything that you can  describe precisely.

Delivery of custom portraits

The package will be typically sent by United States Postal Services and/or other national couriers. If time is of essence for you, we can mail your custom portrait as a priority package or utilize FedEX, UPS, DHL, etc. You may also pick up the portrait in person in select cities. Each painting is carefully wrapped.

Custom portrait pricing

Each painting is truly customized to your needs and expectations. Painting size, technique, colors, and concepts are all of your choosing. We will provide you with the exact pricing upon receiving your photographs with detailed description.

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