How to deal with death of grandparent?

5 effective steps to help in deal with death of grandparent

Grandparents are an essential part of every family. A few months ago, I did not know how to deal with death of grandparent. For now, doing it is one of the most difficult things I ever had to do in my entire life. I lost my best friend. It was extremely hard since it was the first loss of my loved one. A death of the person who always had a special place in my heart have absolutely changed my routine – now it is hard to work, study or even talk. Why did my grandfather have to die now? How can I move on knowing that my grandmother will no longer be around? How will my life look without my beloved grandparents?

If you have recently experienced the death of your loved one, you are likely asking those questions right now. In this situation you might feel heartbroken and you cannot imagine your daily routine anymore.  Grandparents provide love, guidance and shelter in every moment you need it. You could always count on them and be sure that they will listen to you very carefully and try to help you in the best possible way. Grandparents are people who share their wisdom and lend a shoulder to cry on when you feel sad or frustrated. Your grandparents were a pillar of reason, sagacity and understanding. Therefore, once she or he depart, there is a void in live that can never be filled. Is it possible to deal with death of grandparent?

Yes, but it will take some time and you need to remember about it. Since you lost your loved one, your life will be changed. It will be difficult to come back to the routine because you were sharing it with a grandparent who is no longer with you. All the kisses, hugs and warm words will not be provided by your grandparent anymore. Now, it will be the time to get support from your family members and good friends. And remember, since your parents also lost their parents, you need to forge your paths together, learn and survive this painful experience

Though the ache in your heart will no magically heal, you can take some steps to accept your feelings, and to learn to cope with a loss of a person, who was near and dear to you. Those steps will help you handle this new situation and continue your normal life without a huge pain in your heart. As it was already said, the process of accepting the loss will take some time but finally, after some time, you will be able to think about your grandparent with love and a smile on your face. In consequence, we introduce 5 effective steps which should help you deal with death of grandparent and come back to your normal life.

How to deal with death of grandparent?

1. Take as much time as you need

Some people need much more time than others when it comes to moving on after the passing of a loved one. Therefore, do not listen to the people who tell you that there is a timeline when it comes to sadness.

  • There’s no firm line you cross from mourning to “moving on,” and that moving on does not mean that you are no longer sad about the loss or you have forgotten your grandparent. Everyone should take as much time as they really need. You may need a week, month or even few years to handle with the loss and every amount of time is definitely understandable.
  • If many months have passed away, or even years and you still feel a deep mourning that you are finding it hard to function, then getting professional help could be an appropriate way to move forward.

2. Let your emotions out

Another way to accept your feelings is to do whatever you need to feel better: cry, scream or be angry. Holding back tears or repressing emotions may lead to you having even harder time coping with your loss. Even if you are not the most expressive person, you should let your feelings out in some ways with your close friend, family member or just by yourself.

  • Crying can be very therapeutic and helpful. On the other hand, if you are not the type of a crying person and you are not able to find tears even during the deep sadness, do not feel guilty or confused. It does not mean that you do not care about your grandparent anymore. Everyone has right to pass the grieving in the most suitable way.
  • In this step your journal may be quite useful. You can write down all your feelings and let your emotions out even if you are the type of a closed person. It is a great way to cope with the loss if you prefer to stay alone in this heartbreaking time.
Solitude is common during time trying to deal with death of a grandparent

During the hard time of dealing with death, you might want to be alone. Howewer, remember about your friends and family who can support and help you to move on.

3. Keep the memories with your grandparent in your heart

It is important to remember about wonderful moments spent with your grandparent. Even if you are not able to think about them without a huge pain in your heart, someday there will come this point. You should allow yourself to think about the time you were sharing together, all your conversations, tips and others. Because it is not only about treasuring the good times, you can also think about your disagreements or worse moments. This is about honoring the entire person, not only about his or her advantages.

  • Write on the paper every meaningful or important for you memory about your grandparent. This can help you keep your loved one for a long time.
  • Look at the photos your grandparent and you took together. The best ones will be those reminding you of the happy moments you have shared together.
  • After the loss of a loved one, some people decide to get a painting portrait of this person. It will help keep you to deal with death of grandparent by a meaningful keepsake.
The painting as one of the way to deal with death of grandparent

Painting portrait made from photo could be a meaningful memento to remind you of your grandfather and deal with death.

4. Remember to take care of yourself

Since you have lost one of the most important people in your life, you may forget about yourself. Make sure you have enough rest but do not spend the whole day in the bed. It is important to eat 3 or more meals per day that include all necessary and healthy minerals your body needs. You need to remember as well about the appropriate amount of sleep hours and time spent outside, in the fresh air. Thanks to walks you will be able to relax, think and provide your body with a much needed activity. The best way to deal with the death of a grandparent is to try live normally, keeping your job or school, performing all house chores, etc. Though you will still feel unsettled, sticking to a daily routine can bring a huge, positive difference.

  • Even when you feel horrible it is important to put yourself together, every single day. Maybe you think that staying in your bed is the best option to help you but this could not be more incorrect! Stand up, take a shower, wear nice clothes and take care of your daily duties and activities.
  • Having a hobby or starting a new sport could be a great way of taking care of yourself and let your emotions out. Have you thought about fitness? It is an excellent time to start it! Or maybe, you have always dreamt about taking up photography? You can do it right now.

To receive more information, see the article 20 Simple Ways To Take Great Care Of Yourself.

5. Visit your grandparent’s grave when you are ready

For some people visiting the grave of the lost person brings relief and piece. Hence, when you feel ready, you can make a trip there, either alone or with your family member, and have a quiet conversation with your grandparent.

  • Take the flowers or a candle and leave it on the grave. The fact that you decorate the place belonging to your lost grandparent will make you calmer.
  • If it will be your first visit, you should think about some company. Maybe it would be a better idea to go with someone you love, who will support you in this hard time?

You will deal with death of grandparent soon

Thanks to those 5 steps you will be able to deal with death of a grandparent, even if now you think it is not possible. Everyone is deeply agitated and extremely sad because of the loss a loved one. However, it is completely certain that your grandparent does not want you to be depressed and heartbroken. She or he would love to see you happy and full of positive memories shared together during your whole life. Just imagine how huge scolding you would get from your grandparent if he or she would see you in this condition!

Feel free to Contact us if you would like to talk about your feelings or need suppport. We will be also happy to provide a stunning memento of your grandparent. We will be honored to create this meaningful souvenir for you and your loved ones.

Do you want to share with us your way of deal with death of grandparent or another loved person? Write it down in our comment section!


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