Emotional Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary

List of 4 Emotional Gift for Parents' 30th Anniversary

Before figuring out a Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary, you should first understand the importance and emotionality of this occasion. Your parents’ anniversary is not just about their wedding and married life. It is a celebration of how their love for not only each other, but their children has grown over the years. After all, art is not to get married. Art is to stay married with love and a harmony for 30 years.

Marriage is a time full of various emotions: love, happiness, tears, and sometimes disappointment. It is a time of raising children and watching them grow in the best possible way. As husband-and-wife and as your parents, they both deserve beautiful greetings memorializing commitment and hard work they have invested into their marriage. What gifts are worthy of such a devoted and loving relationship?

Few days ago, we received an email from a 35-years-lawyer, engaged in tax law. Here is the content of this letter.


I would like to ask you for advice with choosing a gift for parents’ 30th anniversary. My dad is a retired lawyer (I took over his profession), my mom is a French teacher in a primary school. They love to travel, read books and spend time in the village, where their summer house is. My mom and dad are amazing parents. They have always taken care of me and my sister, even when we felt we did not need it. Over the years, they have been working so hard to build for us an amazing house and guide us to succeed in. They have cared of our good education and a great start in an adult life. They have always put us over their needs. Even today, when they do not have that much power like some years ago, they always try to help us by taking care of our children and other issues. Now, when they are going to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, I want to give them an outstanding gift. It needs to show them an immense gratitude and a huge admiration for their marriage.

Can you help me find some ideas for a suitable gift for this occasion?”

As an answer for this request, we have prepared a guide on how to choose a special and meaningful Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary. Because this occasion is extremely important, first we will focus on explaining the most significant features of an appropriate gift for them.

The Most Significant Features of Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary

  • Intimate

Since this is your parents’ wedding anniversary, you should give them a gift meant for them both only. It needs to be a personal one that symbolizes their romantic relationship filled with love and commitment.

  • Representing the right value

One of the most important features of a gift for this occasion is the value you want to share with them. If you want to show them your gratitude and admiration, you should go for something representing those values.

  • Tasteful

Not, even the most excellent gift will be right if it does not suit the liking of the recipient. You need to match a gift with your parents’ character, preferences and style.

  • Personalized

Your parents will surely appreciate the gift created especially for them. Personalized ones represent the type of gifts which will be always received with fulfillment and gladness.

  • Timeless

This celebration is about marriage so how could we forget about all the moments they have shared together? The great gift should represent their marriage relationship, filled with the hardships and happiness

List of 4 Emotional Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary

Letter as the beginning of Gift for Parents' 30th Anniversary

A romantic letter informing about the date would be a great beginning of your Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary.

  1. Set up a date

After those 30 years, are you not sure if your parents remember what “a date” really means? We all know that when a couple becomes parents their lives take a 360 degree turn. The love and romance disappear  somewhere due to all the responsibilities associated with children. Hence, especially on this day you should remind them of all the love they have for each other by organizing a romantic and elegant date.

You can set up a dinner in a restaurant serving their favorite food or book an exclusive hotel with a SPA. In spite of everything, this is your parents’ celebration so they should spend this particular day together.



2. Framed photo collage

Photos represent a perfect way of keeping all important moments of our life. Whenever you look back at them, they can make you smile even after many years. The 30th anniversary is such an ideal occasion to remember all the wonderful memories collected on the pictures over the years. Therefore, a framed photo collage is one of the greatest ideas for Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary because it allows you to show them the most meaningful and memorable moments you have shared together. Since there is a wide range of collages to choose from, you can be sure to find something matching your parents’ liking and will serve as a modern decoration for their house.

3. Painted portrait

Family portrait as a Gift for Parents' 30th Anniversary

The family portrait made by pencil: elegant and classy. Would you select this type of painting as a Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary?

An elegant, handmade portrait is an excellent idea for a Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary. It is able to immortalize the value of the relationship in a graceful and fascinating way. There are many techniques for creating portraits, such as pencil sketch, oil painting on canvas, more realistic, colorful pop-art. Hence, you can be sure to present a stunning gift in your parents’ preferences. This proposal contains all most significant features of Emotional Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary. What is more, family portrait is elegant, refined and romantic so it meets all the requirements for an appropriate gift to celebrate the wedding anniversary.

To check more reasons for choosing a painting as a Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary, read more in our previous article Gift for Mom’s 50th Birthday.

Here are some recommendations on how to obtain the magnificent portrait from photo:

  • Find a professional artist,
  • Look for a specialist advice,
  • Do not leave an order of the portrait for a day before the occasion,
  • Choose the most appropriate painting technique.

Once you have decided to give your parents a painted portrait, Contact us to receive the high quality and professional support.

Portrait Gift Parents 30th Anniversary

Pastel portrait of your parents is also an excellent idea for their 30th anniversary. Which technique do you like the most?

4. Video

This idea will require a bit of creativity and ingenuity but we ensure, it is worth the final result! The concept is about preparing a short video of the best of parents’ times all the 30 years of togetherness and show them different stages of their life throughout their marriage. You can also add clips of you and your siblings growing up, using the pictures and movies that have been collected over the years. The last part of the video could include the best wishes from all relatives and close friends of your parents. It is almost certain that your mom and dad would not have expected such an emotional and surprising gift, prepared with all the loved ones’ support.

EXTRA: Heartfelt wishes

For this special and emotional celebration the adequate wishes are more than necessary. We all do not really appreciate the power of good wishes. They help you to show your parents how much you care in a beautiful, poetic way. You can write few types of wishes: from funny family memories to romantic quotes.

If you are not a poet and it is quite difficult to write the relevant words on the paper, there is another way to deal with it. In the post  20 Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Your Parents you can find some sentimental and celebratory anniversary quotes which you could add to the main gift. Here is one of the examples:

I know you fight, but never in front of me.

I know you argue, but not in a way that your kids can see.

I know you have your differences, but you keep them private.

I know you have problems, but you don’t let them affect your fate.

To my parents whose commitment and love is so true,

I wish a happy anniversary to both of you.

Summarized Emotional Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary

Our number one for Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary is definitely a painted portrait. Since it includes all the most significant features of a great gift for this celebration, we are confident that your parents will be touched and delighted for a long time after their 30th anniversary. And that is the purpose of your gift, isn’t it?

We will be honored to prepare a brilliant painting for your parents. Feel free to Contact us and be sure that your gift idea will transform into the outstanding portrait for your loved ones!

Do you have some other suggestions for our list? Write it down in the comment section and make sure we have not forgotten about any emotional Gift for Parents’ 30th Anniversary!



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