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Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday… Raise your hands if you are not sure what to select for your dad’s birthday. It is kind of a challenge, isn’t it? Everyone knows how difficult it is to choose an appropriate gift for a man, especially since we are talking about our dads. In many families, Dad is a person behind the scenes and a pillar of strength, who you go to when there is something to fix in the house. Your dad is with you in the most important, sometimes doubtful moments during your entire life: your first crush, first heartbreak, and first kid. He always has proper words to make you happy when you have a problem, or tries to find a solution to help you. Dad always knows what to do, even in extreme hardship.

A couple of days ago, we received an email from Jane asking about some ideas for Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday.


My name is Jane and I am a marketer in a large corporation. I am following your blog and I have seen some lists of gift ideas for mom, wife, 10th wedding anniversary but unfortunately, nothing for a man. I am looking for an idea for my dad’s 60th birthday but it is so hard since I would love to figure out something splendid. Even after a careful research on the Internet I am still kind of lost and have nothing really valuable in my mind. I know it is important to match a gift with the personality of the recipient. Therefore, I will say something more about my dad.


My dad has been running the international business for many years. Since he has decided to retire soon, he is going to take care of his health and family. He is totally crazy about my children: a 2-years old-girl and a 4-years old-boy. About his passion; I know he likes sailing and other kinds of sport, for instance football or volleyball but he did not have time to practice because of the demanding job.

Can you help me to choose a nice gift for my Dad’s 60th birthday?

Because we are the experts in the gifts’ area, it is a pleasure to help you. Especially for Jane and for all sons and daughters, we have selected the most brilliant list of Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday. But first, we need to introduce the most significant features of the gift for this occasion.

The Most Important Features of Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday

  • Tasteful

You need to pick out the gift which suits the liking of your dad: his character, preferences and style. This is the rule of every successful gift.

  • Personalized

Your dad will appreciate the gift prepared specially for him. Personalized one gives you a complete assurance to satisfy and make your loved ones happy.

  • Concrete

Your dad will appreciate the gift which could be useful to get some specific and needed values. You should select the gift which he will use with satisfaction, won’t leave it away after few days because its useless.

  • Unique

Buying another tie or a mobile device for your dad is pointless. It is worth to choose the gift he really needs or dreams about, something unrepeatable and valuable.

List of 4 Great Ideas for Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday

Elegant pen for dad's 60th birthday

Elegant pen is a great idea as a Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday. It is useful and memorable.

1. Elegant pen

We all need to write some words every day: a message for relative, a shopping list, or a to-do list. Normally, we do not really pay attention to what we use to write. We just use any pen that is available at the moment. Yet, some people are staunch fans of personal and elegant pens, which remain useful for many years. Our experts stated that the stylish and high quality pen is a great idea as a Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday. Why?

The pen should be selected in terms of a few aspects: design, brand or personalization. To remind your dad how amazing he is, you can prepare some special words to engrave on the pen. In consequence, the pen will be an excellent memento which could be used everywhere he needs. The utility and elegance are the biggest advantages of this idea.

2. Watch

Generally, every man in the word loves watches. It completes the styling, looks gorgeous and it is useful. Since a man does not have such a wide range of other types of jewelry, an elegant and luxurious watch could be an excellent idea as a Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday. The jewelry specialist have a large selection of high-quality watches and will be able to help you pick out the perfect one for your dad. Does he have a favorite watch which he has been using for years? Maybe it is a time to change it for a new and stylish one! Or maybe, does he not have a watch adequate for an elegant suit? Your answers for those questions will help you explore which type of jewelry you should select to meet your dad’s expectations and needs. Consequently, the watch will be used for many years with satisfaction and gratitude.

Of course, you cannot forget about personalization! Think about the specific words for this occasion and prepare the unique monogram which will remind your dad of your love anytime he will look back at the watch. You can find some examples of luxurious and brilliant models of high-quality watches on Rolex website.

Marriage portrait made by pencil is a great idea for Gift for Dad's 60th Birthday

We love pencil portraits. They are so elegant and fascinating! Would you select a marriage portrait for your dad’s 60th birthday?

3. Painted portrait

We love to make our home well designed and cozy. Hence, we hang paintings and printed pictures on the walls of our houses. We can all agree that art is beautiful and timeless. What do you think about a custom painting as a Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday? A painted portrait from a photo is one of the most stunning and elegant gifts which will remind your dad of the loved ones: children, wife, the entire family. You should consider the right picture and let the professionals create a wonderful work of art which will provide a unique and meaningful gift for your dad’s 60th birthday. This idea will be a huge and unexpected surprise and will stay in your dad’s mind for a long time.

Sailor painting as an example of Gift for Dad's 60th Birthday

As a Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday you can choose an individual portrait. This one is made in premium oil.

Do you want to check more reasons for selecting a painted portrait as a Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday? Read more in our previous post Gift for Mom’s 50th Birthday.

It is extremely important to receive a professional and high-quality painting in the right time. Hence, our experts have prepared some useful recommendations for you:

  • Find a professional artist,
  • Look for a specialist advice,
  • Do not leave an order of the portrait for a day before the occasion,
  • Choose the most appropriate painting technique.

Once you have decided to select a custom portrait for your dad’s birthday, Contact us to receive the high quality and professional support. We will be honored to prepare a brilliant portrait as your stunning gift!


Grandchild painting is a great Gift for Dad's 60th Birthday

This beautiful and charming pencil portrait of grandchild will fascinate your dad! Would you pick out pencil or the other technique for a painting for a Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday?

4. Favorite alcohol

A glass of our favorite whiskey in the end of a busy day… It makes us relaxed and pleased. Every dad has some type of alcohol he really loves: whiskey, wine, cognac, wine or vodka. Therefore, a bottle of his favorite alcohol is on our List of Great Ideas for Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday. It is a great opportunity to present him with a luxurious, specially selected version or the most desirable brand in this type of alcohol. If your dad is one of the beer gourmets, you also have wide range of options to choose from. Since you are able to find a lot of attractive options in the shops, it could be your perfect idea as a gift for your dad! Then, he can celebrate this or some other occasion with tasting of delicious drink.

Summarized Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday

Our top pick Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday is definitely a photo to painting. This artistic expression is a remarkable piece of art and also a memorable and brilliant gift for many years. Due to the fact that a painted portrait includes all of the most important features of a great gift for this occasion, we are totally sure that your dad will be delighted and truly happy for a long time.

Our artists have mastered truly unique skills in portrait drawing and painting. If you want to obtain the wonderful portrait for your dad’s birthday, feel free to Contact us.

Which gift idea speaks to you? Maybe do you have other suggestion for our list? Write your comment down and make sure we have showed all of the great ideas for Gift for Dad’s 60th Birthday!


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