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Oil paintings are done with the use of traditional oils, resins and paints.

Oil paintings have been an elegant and sophisticated medium for art patrons  for centuries. The most erudite connoisseurs deeply appreciated oil paintings for their impressive visual effectsmagnificent artistic value and unique capacity to represent personality on canvas. As Hans Hoffman said, through custom portraitspet portraits or landscape paintings created in premium oil technique we can see the whole world.

Today, historians continue to speculate on when exactly oil paintings came  into being. Some researchers claim that it was as early as  1125 when Theophilus gave instructions on how to prepare oil-based paintings in his treatise On Various Arts. Others claim that oil paintings, as we know them today, date back to northern European painters of the 15th century. Jan van Eyck, a Dutch renaissance artist, played a particularly important role. He is claimed to be a forefather of painting with oil on wood panel supports.

Oil paintings have been popular across centuries in the works of various world famous artists:


Noble Portrait Mastered the Art of Oil Paintings

Oil paintings undeniably require advanced knowledge, craft and experience. We have developed   twenty-five years of expertise  in painting portraits from photos in premium oil. We have learned from the masters of oil paintings. We have carefully studied workshops of da Vinci, Monet, Klimt, Vermeer and other famous  artists. We have spent countless hours practicing, painting and re-painting. Not only  have we learned how to combine paints and oils, prepare canvas for paint application, and give sufficient drying time, but now we continuously enhance our crafts.

In our painting workshop, we utilize long-established practices and traditional materials only. While some other artists also offer oil paintings, we encourage you to  research  what techniques and materials are used in their craftsmanship. Our commitment to high-end portraits is best exemplified by the guidelines we are happy to share with you as you ask questions regarding techniques, materials and products used by other artists to complete oil paintings.

To give you an example, we commissioned a portrait from a major ”art company” offering oil paintings. We were extremely upset to learn that they actually had  an entirely automated production line. Unfortunately, those paintings had not been painted by human beings. Instead, they were being printed and only  a thin surface of paint was applied. More on this will be published on our blog in the next couple of weeks.

Traditions of Oil Paintings and Noble Portrait

If completed correctly, oil painting is the most elegant, precise and sophisticated technique in fine arts. Because of its many inherent features, premium oil technique reveals remarkable visual effects. Such effects are oftentimes impossible with other techniques such as pastel or acrylic, precisely because of the features of their creation.

  • How  appropriate does the painting look like in oil paintings?

Traditional oil technique allows a fine artist to achieve phenomenal precision and accuracy, along with special visual effects such as transparency, sheen, density and 3-D structure.

An artist should begin an artwork with sketching desired objects on canvas or a wooden board. Sketching should be done with charcoal, pencil or thin oil paint. After an artist  reaches a desirable concept, he or she can begin the application of oil paints. Oil paintings should be composed of multiple layers of paint. The fundamental rule is that the paint on each additional layer should be thicker, i.e. it should contain more oil. And, each layer of paint should be given an appropriately long drying time. This feature is crucial in obtaining a high quality and durable painting. Additionally, because each layer of paint is given the time to dry, an artist has sufficient time to make any necessary corrections and re-touches, thus achieving the magnificent precision and accuracy of a painting.

Unfortunately, those art companies that manufacture paintings and portraits do not realize the dangerous consequences of ignoring the fundamental rules of oil painting technique. Your oil paintings could be subject to cracking and peeling.

  • What materials should be used in oil paintings?

There are multiple  resources that  can be used in oil paintings.  The most recent fashion has been the introduction of water miscible oil paints. The technology which created these water miscible paints has significantly decreased drying time from  one to  three weeks for traditional oils to  one to  three days for water miscible paints. Are oil paintings done with such paints? We will leave it up to you to decide what you want.

We remain committed to the long-established traditions of the technique, and we therefore use only traditional oils, paints and thinners. This allows us to create paintings of the highest quality and longest durability. More importantly, your custom oil paintings will be delivered on high-end canvas stretched on a pine painting loom (stretcher).


Why Noble Portrait For My Oil Paintings?

Unlike others, we prefer QUALITY over quantity. We paint to make you and your loved ones happy.

100% satisfaction. We truly do all we can to make your experience excellent. If you are unhappy with your oil painting because of the quality, you do not have to accept it. We are the only group of artists in the United States with such an approach. We paint to make you happy. Truly.

Similarity ratio of the face should be 95%+, relative to the photo you send. Because we use traditional oil painting technique, we are able to come close to such a level of precision and similarity. For us, portrait painting is NOT street craft of flimsy quality. For us, portrait painting is art that we have a strong passion for, art that we cherish and respect each day. We capture not only a face on canvas. We capture personality of a painted person. Remember about this as you shop around to select your artist.

Quality is something we have been priding ourselves in for the past 25 years of our oil painting. We only utilize high-end products and materials in creating oil paintings. Your custom portrait will never bleach, change color, crack or fall off. Our premium quality portraits make us of natural oils and resins only, which gives our paintings the highest quality and durability.


How do I commission oil portrait with Noble Portrait

Commissioning oil paintings is simple and straightforward. Here’s an example of a timeline that will be needed to commission your custom oil portrait:

1. You contact us and send us photos along with a detailed description of how you envision your oil painting.

2. We offer you a few designs of a portrait for approval.

3. When the painting is 95% complete, we will send you its photograph for your approval. At this stage, you will still be able to request some changes on a portrait.

4. We send you photographs of your completed custom painting, and mail your portrait to the address that you have provided us with.

Oil Paintings from photos

We have developed  our expertise in transforming photo to painting. Hence, it is critical that you send us high resolution and high quality photos. While we  would rather that  the face and head on a photo will be  similar to the composition  of the resulting oil painting, it is not a definite requirement. Good photos are fundamental to the painting of facial features with great care and precision. From our experience, we can tell that a minor detail may alter the reception of a portrait.

However, please  be assured that we remain very flexible in terms of the composition of your painted portrait. If you would like to make any corrections  to the face, put people from separate photos onto the same painting, change background, or make any other alterations that you can describe, we will do it for you.

Delivery of oil portraits

Each painting is carefully wrapped so it does not get damaged in shipping. We utilize United States Postal Services and other national couriers. If you prefer another method of shipment, or you need oil paintings arrive early, we will be happy to mail your portraits via FedEX, UPS, DHL, etc. You may also pick up the portrait in person in select cities.

Oil portrait pricing

Oil paintings are fully customized to your needs. You will be able to select various formats, techniques, colors, and concepts. We will provide you with the exact pricing upon receiving your photographs with detailed description of what you would like your oil portrait to be.


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