Pencil Artist: Paper, Pencil, and American Dream

Pencil Artist Drawing

Pencil Artist: Sheet of paper, pencil, and an American dream

Robert has been with Noble Portrait since January. As I was searching for a fine portrait pencil artist, my list contained only 5 names. 5 names of art masters who had demonstrated remarkable skills in charcoal and pencil. On the top of that list was Robert. In addition to his unique artistic abilities, Robert came across as creative, ambitious, organized and very hard-working. His fine drawings, sketches and other artworks manifested passion and dedication.

Exclusive Pencil Portrait

High-quality pencil portrait of John Paul II.

Our partnership was like hitting the jackpot.

As we continue to embrace our rule of 100% patron satisfaction, we would like to nicely surprise our art collectors and art lovers. Not only do we offer portraits of high-quality and exceptional aesthetic value, but we are committed to unsurpassed patron service. While some consider pencil portraits in a budget category, we know that pencil and charcoal portraits are some of the most elegant and classy artworks to decorate home. Each patron of ours receives a preliminary design of the portrait for approval, which is not offered by anyone else. We, at, are invested to making this process personalized so you receive a fine piece of art that fits your needs. We are highly appreciative of our partnership with such a professional and heartfelt pencil artist like Robert.


Drawing with passion for 30 years

Pencil drawing has been Robert’s passion ever since he first had a crayon in hand at the age of 3. By investing countless hours and energy, he has dedicated his life to drawing. “It is this invincible sense of freedom emanating from each clean sheet of paper that makes drawing so inspiring and attractive to me,” says Robert. Over the years, Robert’s artistic interests have shifted. And, so has his drawing style. His fascination with Japanese culture allowed him to create manga-inspired characters and landscapes. Overtime, his artwork became more realistic. He is now a well-known pencil artist with strong passion for drawing portraits from photographs.

“It’s fascinating how our brains operate. They remove some memories, while other memories remain alive even after many years. Moments, which we remember, are not necessarily moments which changed our lives dramatically. Instead, we tend to remember moments, or events, that determined who we are today. I remember my first drawing at the age 3. All I had drawn around that time was a combination of disarranged lines. To a professional pencil artist, my early childhood sketches would not make a lot of sense. However, I assume my family did not pay any attention to my drawing feats. Instead, they quite understandably enjoyed a quiet moment of freedom. One time, my older cousin, possibly irritated by my shapeless art, showed me how to create more refined shapes in my drawings. My first shapely drawing was an unspecified yet fully formed superhero. I remember that pencil drawing was coming quite naturally to me. I did not know I would become a full-time pencil artist as an adult.”

In his early childhood, Robert was inspired by fairy tales, cartoons and nursery rhymes. He loved drawing Tsubasa, Ninja Turtles, Looney Tunes, Flintstones, or Tom and Jerry. Later, Robert would not draw anything else but Scooby-doo and Shaggy. Even today, he sometimes sketches Velma, Freddy and Daphne, with pencil or charcoal.

“My most favorite fine art themes are people with strong and distinct personalities. I am especially drawn to impactful figures, who made significant contributions to making the world a better place. Some of such figures include Pope John Paul II, George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln. The graphics, sketches and drawings are my way of paying homage to the great heroes in our history.”

Pencil Portrait of Kevin Spacey

Expressive pencil portrait of Kevin Spacey.

Robert feels very strongly about his pencil drawings and pencil graphics in black-and-white. He claims that this technique most appropriately expresses human emotions, and represents humans in a more noble and sophisticated manner. The balance between white and black allows to capture parts of human soul and personality, which are not easily noticeable in colored-pencil drawings. Just like black-and-white photographs, black-and-white pencil portraits are pure and magical, which marks their elegance and uniqueness.

Would you like our pencil artist Robert to draw a portrait or any other artwork for you? Call or contact us here. Our pencil artist is at your service with



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