Visual special effects

Visual special effects  can hugely enhance the impression of a painting. At  our patrons’ request, we apply visual special effects  which contribute to the portrait’s unparalleled visual value . Each special effect extends the time it takes to complete the painting.

Light effect

The light effect consists of the shading of a painting with respect to the source of light. This effect is very demanding and requires  an artist’s highest skills. Hence, this effect can be obtained only by  highly-skilled  portrait artists . We use light effect in painting portraits in  premium oil.

Structure effect

Undeniably the structure effect is among the most popular of visual effects. A painting’s texture contains bulges, which together with shadows create depth. The use of this effect extends  the completion time for oil paintings by about  ten days. This effect is much easier in acrylic, where paint dries fairly quickly.

3D Structure effect

The texture of a painting is very clear due to the bulging of some elements. A custom painting with such an effect makes a  striking 3-D impression. In our portrait painting, we use this effect to accentuate elements of clothing or accessories, e.g. jewelry, watches, bracelets or ties.

HD effect

Each element of a painting is worked on with the greatest care and attention. A custom painting containing this effect gives  the impression of a photograph  in high definition. We can obtain this effect in premium oil and black pastel pieces of art.

Shine effect

We apply this effect in completing eyes or lips, thus adding a sense of secrecy and romance. We also use this effect in pencil portraits.

Pixeling effect

A painting seems to be composed of pixels, puzzles, squares, circles or irregular shapes. We use this effect in premium paintings.

Below you will find special visual effects which we can happily use in your custom painting.

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