Wedding Portrait

Love, wedding and wedding ceremony! Such is  the life together of a loving and caring couple.

Almost every wedded couple has a wedding portrait. In most cases, it’s only photography. We create something more: real works of art, where love transcends time.  The beauty of our hand-painted custom wedding portraits is admired on  three continents of the globe.

Ideas for a wedding portrait

A custom wedding portrait does not have to showcase a couple in tuxedo and wedding dress. We create custom portraits from photos, producing a painting – a work of art, based on the photos of faces. Besides the faces, all the other elements can be flexibly arranged. In addition, we create a visual design of the painting before we paint it. This will allow you to ideally compose your wedding portrait. So far, we have had the great pleasure and honor to paint custom oil portraits based on  pictures taken more than 100 years ago!

Style of a wedding portrait

A custom portrait of a newly wedded couple may be realistic, abstract, pop-art, black and white, or any other style of your choice.  It depends on your taste and preference.

Pricing for a wedding portrait

Our portraits feature the highest quality: similarity, durability and visual effects. The artists from are the most accomplished masters of American and European painting and portraiture. Therefore, the pricing of our custom wedding portraits go beyond the average pricing of “portraits.” The quotation was used intentionally because other artists do not have sufficient skills and expertise to approach the level of face similarity that artists can obtain. There are only very few fine portrait artists in America and Europe who can paint beautiful and faithful custom portraits. All of them are part of, recognized in the United States and Europe.

Love Immortalized Forever

A young couple. A mature couple. We all are transient. Love and beauty captured on our high end custom portraits will be forever remembered. Our oil portraits in premium class are painted with the perspective to last hundreds of years. Capturing a soul, and not just external appearance, is the most touching gift for parents, for kids, for a husband and a wife.

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