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Portrait Painting to Capture Memories

We will paint your exclusive portrait painting and other custom painting. Our profound expertise allows us to achieve remarkable results in different styles and media. Each portrait painting is of the highest artistic value and heirloom quality.

Over the years, we have truly become specialist of portrait painting from photo. Portrait paintings are a good way to capture the most beautiful memories, such as wedding anniversaries, engagements, family events, or professional celebrations. On canvas, those memories will transcend time and place. Our patrons commission painted portraits for a wide variety of reasons. Some want to remember their grandmother. Others want to celebrate a graduation ceremony of their only child.

While portrait painting is our signature strength, we take up a wide variety of artistic themes, which include landscapes, wildlife, nature, historical figures. In addition, we paint animal portraits, such as dog and cat portraits.

Our Portrait Paintings Re-defined Quality

We have re-defined the meaning of quality in fine art. We pride ourselves in delivering heirloom quality art works of the highest artistic value. Our paintings are done on canvas, wood or high quality paper. We use only globally-recognized tools and materials in creating paintings. As portrait painting artists, we are particularly proud of our premium oil paintings. With their eleven layers of oil and paint, premium oil paintings yield the visual effects that you have never seen.

We paint both realistic and abstract portraits, depending on your tastes. With our flexible and creative approach, we are here to serve you and your needs.

Only the finest portrait artists can paint an appealing portrait and also capture personality on canvas. We are able to do it. Many of our portraits are genuine pieces of art, which can be appreciated in mansions, homes and offices around the world. Our patrons have oftentimes said that we paint the best custom portraits. We do encourage you to have a good look at our portrait gallery as well as explore all the details regarding painting your custom portraits.

Exclusive Custom Portrait

The Gallery of Portrait Paintings

The Gallery of Paintings NoblePortrait.com offers unique custom paintings in premium oil, acrylic or pencil. With greatest precision and attention, we paint reproductions of the most famous world’s artists. Our Gallery includes arich diversity of paintings. They include natural landscapes, city landscapes, acts, still nature and bouquets. An elegant painting will give your home deserved warmth and coziness. Our paintings can already be found at homes in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Sydney and Toronto, among other cities around the world.

Reproductions of Classical Paintings

We are honored to offer reproductions of paintings originally done by the world class artists. Our premium oil reproductions are idiosyncratic with unparalleled precision and astonishing visual effects. We take a great pride when we hear our patrons highly commending our artworks, oftentimes pointing out that our pieces are finer than the original ones. Even though our artwork has not been stamped with an age clock, the quality of our paints, canvases and other painting specifics allows us to obtain much finer and durable effects. So far, we have completed reproductions of some most famous paintings such as “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Jan Vermeer, “Creation of Adam” by Michael Angelo, “Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci, “Sunflowers” by Vicnent van Gogh, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt, or “Scream” by Edvard Much. Some of our previously commissioned remakes can be found in the gallery. All of our custom paintings are 100% hand painted, unlike some available “oil-prints” or other cheap paintings imported from China.

World class level with one purpose.

To make your custom portrait invaluable.


We invest time and energy to create the perfect portrait for you.


The highest quality in every detail. Our clients come back for more portraits.

Special Effects

You will fall in love with the 3D structure and interplay of light and shadow on your portrait.


Each layer of your painting dries before the next layer is applied. We use only natural oils and resins.


We learned from the legends of art. Every detail in hand-painting comes from the old art masters’ best practices.


Still missing something? You review a photo of your painting and we implement your remarks.

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