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What kind of a gift would be adequate for such a meaningful and wonderful event? How should a proper gift look like? What is best for Wedding Gift for Gay Couple?

Those questions had unfortunately not been so common until fairly recently. Only in June 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that gay and lesbian couples have equal justice under law  in all 50 states of United StatesAfter years of injustice, this ruling reaffirmed that gay couples should have the same rights to marry and the same protections from the state, just like heterosexual couples do.

Today, United States is one of the 22 countries in which same-sex marriage is legal. In the ruling, the Court made mentioned the case’s link to the Fourteenth Amendment and its “guarantee of equal protection.” Justifying their ruling, the Justices made a following statement:

The right to marry is a fundamental right inherent in the liberty of the person. Under the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment couples of the same-sex may not be deprived of that right and that liberty. Same-sex couples may exercise the fundamental right to marry.

It is with great regret that approximately 90% of the gay couples in the world are not to legalize marriage in their respective countries. Is that just?

While the topic remains controversial in many social circles, providing same-sex couples with the same legal protections in no way infringes upon the rights of others. Legalization of gay marriage is not just about addressing the rights of some minority group. It is about protecting the rights of people. Equality, respect, dignity, and a sense of belonging should be the values of every person in the world.

Therefore, we are glad to assist families and friends of gay couples with appropriate celebrations of their love. It is remarkable that only a couple of years ago, this article would not have been written because the legal framework did not allow for social justice. Today, we are extremely proud to introduce the List of 5 Best Wedding Gift for Gay Couple.

First, we would like to discuss the most important features of a great gift for this unique life-changing event.

The Most Important Features of the Best Wedding Gift for Gay Couple

  • Intimate – a gift is designed for a loving gay couple; hence, it should be meant for them both only and symbolize their romantic and beautiful relationship.
  • Tasteful – a gift should match couple’s character, style and preferences; this will make a gift not only elegant but memorable for a couple.
  • Personalized – personalized gifts are one of the most successful ones. The young couple will always appreciate a gift created specifically for their important day.
  • Timeless – a wedding gift should stay in young couple’s mind for a long time; a gift that remains useful for many years is definitely a good idea.
  • Togetherness – the appropriate gift should be able to weld spouses closer after marriage. It should remind of their love and the beautiful relationship they create.

Taking into account those features, we have prepared a List of 5 Best Wedding Gift for Gay Couple to help you pick out the right one for this day.

List of 5 Best Wedding Gift for Gay Couple

Engravered glasses as a great gwedding gift for gay couple

Drinking champagne from personalized glasses is much more pleasing. What do you think about them as a Wedding Gift for Gay Couple?

1. Engraved glasses

Nowadays, we have this great opportunity to choose a wide range of glasses with an unusual monograph. Depending on the kind of drink your gay friends likes the most, you should think about some suitable model. You can go for champagne, wine or cognac glasses and engrave some meaningful and romantic words for both of them. That way, even a long time after their wedding, they will be able to celebrate their loving marriage. It will also remind of the most important people who were celebrating that special day with them. They will surely appreciate and enjoy elegant glasses, specifically chosen for their favorite drink in a fancy package, prepared particularly for them. Remember, except type of the glasses, the monogram is also extremely important. Let’s create something unique and intimate!

2. Two pieces of jewelry

You can pick out two the same elegant and luxurious watches, brilliant bracelets or gold rings as the Wedding Gift for Gay Couple. The main advantage of this idea is the possibility of a proper engraving and the sentimental value of identic pieces of jewelry, symbolizing one soul in two bodies. The spangle will always bring back the memories of a wonderful spouse, no matter where they both are at any given time. Thanks to this memorable gift, they will feel the presence of the loved one even when they are a thousand miles apart.

3. Video

This idea is not the easiest to make, but it is totally amazing! Imagine: a happy gay couple, newly-wed, watching a movie about their life, wonderful adventures and loving relationship. It will be an awesome and touching surprise! You need to collect photos and some videos from their time of togetherness. This great gift idea should also include the best wishes and warm words from all relatives and close friends of your gay couple.

The video should be prepared and delivered to the right hands with enough time before the wedding. You also need to make sure that the wedding’s place has the special equipment to display the movie. Be careful, because this inconspicuous problem could decide about the failure of the whole project. Let’s create an outstanding memento for our loved ones and present them the best Wedding Gift for Gay Couple which they deserve!

4. Custom portrait

Painting is a stunning and excellent work of art. It looks gorgeous, evokes positive feelings and makes a beautiful keepsake for many years… They would DEFINITELY love it! Hence, a custom portrait made from a photo could be the best Wedding Gift for Gay Couple. You should definitely consider it. Since they are about to start their life together, they will surely enjoy a splendid painting, prepared specifically and only for them. It will also serve as a romantic souvenir for their new home.

It is vastly important to obtain a professional and high-quality painting in the right time. Therefore, we have prepared some significant recommendations for you:

  • Find a professional artist,
  • Look for a specialist advice,
  • Do not leave an order of the portrait for a day before the occasion,
  • Choose the most appropriate painting technique.

Our artists have mastered indeed unique skills in portrait painting and drawing. If you have decided to present the wonderful portrait for Wedding Gift for Gay Couple, Contact us. Our artists will be honored to create such a meaningful and romantic painting!

Family portrait as Wedding Gift for Gay Couple

This family portrait is an example of amazing one made by pencil. If the Gay Couple is close with parents, it could be quite great idea for their wedding gift.

5. Massage course

A massage is an excellent way to relax, especially after a hard period of wedding arrangements. It is even better if the massage is made by the beloved partner, a spouse, in some nice, calm place. You can present them with a special massage course in some professional school and provide a great lesson of learning their bodies and another way of unearthly pleasure. Sounds promising, right? They will study the most relevant techniques of effective massage and will have the opportunity to spend a romantic time together. The additional plus for health benefits!

Good massage may be helpful for headaches, insomnia, sports injuries, joint pains and many others health problems. Since there is a wide range of massages to choose from, your gay couple will certainly find some favorite technique. It will be useful as a healthy way to relax with a spouse.

Summarized Best Wedding Gift for Gay Couple

As a celebration of the true love between two men, we would surely select a custom portrait as the Best Wedding Gift for Gay Couple. It is intimate, tasteful, timeless, and personalized which means that is meets all the most significant features of the appropriate gift for the gay couple’s wedding. It constitutes the unparalleled and exclusive memento and will remind our loved ones of the most important day of their life. They will remember for a long time about the ideal, romantic wedding, legalization of their unrepeatable loving relationship.

We know how important it is to present a high quality painting made by skilled artist. Hence, feel free to Contact us to get more information and order a luxurious portrait for your gay couple.

Do you want to join other best idea for Wedding Gift for Gay couple? Leave your proposal in a comment section and create the list of stunning gifts with us!


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